Intelligence. Applied.

Join hundreds of asset management professionals in Sales, Marketing, Consultant Relations & RFP/Databases for eVestment’s annual Institutional Investment Intelligence conference (EI3).

March 18-20 | Atlanta, Georgia

Hear from industry experts and top consultants on the latest trends impacting institutional asset management. Learn how to leverage data and analytics to tell your best story and position your firm’s products in a changing market.

Adena Friedman

President & CEO
Nasdaq, Inc.

Clint Cary

Head of US Delegated Investment Solutions
Willis Towers Watson

Meredith Jones

Partner, Emerging and Diverse Managers, Responsible Investing

Nat Kellogg

Director of Manager Search, Managing Partner
Marquette Associates

Laura Ries

Positioning Expert, Author
Ries & Ries

Chris Voss

CEO, Author, Negotiation Expert
Black Swan Group

“As the Head of Distribution, I’ve found this conference to be a great chance to network with industry influencers, and I’ve been consistently impressed with the content.
It’s timely, relevant and actionable.”

2018 EI3 attendee