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  • “Before eVestment, meeting database deadlines on behalf of our clients seemed nearly impossible. Today, eVestment’s Omni has helped tremendously with scaling our work burden so we can focus on other important tasks.”

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  • “Having the versatility to look at our portfolio and clearly see how we have performed in certain sectors or areas allowed us to understand our performance and prepare for going to market.”


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  • “The ability to see ourselves as consultants see us is beyond what I thought could be offered. It’s almost a miracle to be able to have that perspective.”

    Principal Global Investors

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  • "eVestment is an industry leader and second to none in terms of the amount of data that is easily available at your fingertips. The ease with which we can access the data makes our jobs as research professionals that much more efficient – it's an awesome resource that we leverage daily."
    Slocum Consulting

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Our Focus

eVestment delivers insight and intelligence to the institutional investing community through a comprehensive, global database and cloud-based analytics technology. As institutional portfolios increasingly diversify holdings, a single source of data, analysis and reporting like that offered uniquely by eVestment becomes an essential foundation for efficient investing.

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