About eVestment

Growing fast. Delivering value. Serving well. Innovating.

eVestment was founded in 2000 by three consultants to the institutional investor community.  As the go-getters who had to compile data on all the money managers compiled by FAX (yep, we did it by FAX) into endless Excel spreadsheets, we knew that there had to be a better way – so we set off to find it.  We worked closely with several of the largest global consultants to design the database and the data collection process and they asked the money managers who wanted to work with them to populate the eVestment database.  More consultants piled on – and the database soon became the de facto standard for the industry.

Turns out consultants (and others) were still downloading data from the database to perform elaborate analysis in Excel.  We knew that there had to be a better way (yep, that’s a recurring theme) – so we developed it.  Enter our Analytics product on the scene – followed by Asset Flows, Advantage and Peer Alpha – all providing unique insight and powerful analysis from the data we collect.

Finally, there are still several other databases that firms find strategically important to update – yet the formats, deadlines and type of data required are all over the map.  Enter Omni – a layered solution of both services and technology that can ease the pain of updating databases.

We love what we do – and we enjoy working with investors, managers and our associates to make the world of institutional investing a better place.  Thanks for your interest.