eVestment Acquired HedgeFund.net in September, 2011

In September 2011, eVestment acquired Channel Capital Group, owners of HedgeFund.net (HFN), a leading source for hedge fund data, research and news. The combined company now provides a single, global database serving institutional investment professionals who focus on either alternative or traditional investments, as well as “hybrid” investors who seek solutions to help them select and manage investments across both investment categories. eVestment has combined the former Hedgefund.net (HFN) database with our own non-traditional data to create the eVestment alternatives and hedge fund database, the industry's largest and most complete dataset.

A Combined Dataset for Maximum Insight and Exposure

The merged dataset contains an industry-leading 22,000+ unique funds with over 9,200 active funds. These strategies include direct hedge funds and fund-of-funds which invest in strategies such as absolute return, market neutral and long-short strategies.  Click here to view the complete list of eVestment|HFN Alternative Strategies.

The eVestment Hedge Fund dataset is available to power your investment analysis through the eVestment Analytics system, eVestment Data Feeds and Data Export and Strategic Partners.  The dataset is now fully integrated into the eVestment Analytics system which provides the added benefit of real-time updates.

About HedgeFund.net

HedgeFund.net was founded in 1997 and is dedicated to providing accredited investors with access to data, research, news and informative content on hedge funds.

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Learn more about the acquisition of HedgeFund.net by reading the press release.