eVestment Acquires StokTrib

eVestment is excited to announce the addition of StockTrib to our growing family. StokTrib is a holdings-based attribution software solution that provides institutional clients with deeper insight into how portfolio returns are generated. 

StokTrib seeks to more accurately evaluate a manager’s effectiveness by creating and using custom passive benchmarks that reflect the allocations and style of the manager.  The solution determines “effective performance” which considers the timing, length and volume of an equity hold compared to the performance of that holding, providing an assessment of a manager’s “skill” in predicting market shifts rather than just representing “style.”

The acquisition of holdings-based capabilities complements the recently announced “Peer Alpha” solution from eVestment which allows asset managers to compare their portfolios against the average peer portfolio.  eVestment serves over 2,500 world-class clients across the entire investment industry spectrum, including traditional and alternative money managers, consultants and financial advisors, funds of hedge funds, corporate and public pensions, endowments and foundations, sovereign wealth funds, banks and brokerages.

StokTrib is a product that was created by Ron Surz, a long-time industry veteran and president of PPCA who has spent the majority of his career as an investment consultant.  Over the last decade, Ron has spent much of his time designing, developing and enhancing the capabilities of the StokTrib application to aid in the manager research process to further distinguish and identify asset manager skill.  The tool he has developed helps to improve the level of research and understanding that consultants and investors have about the products and/or funds they or their clients are invested in.  

About StokTrib

StokTrib is a holdings-based portfolio attribution system that allows clients to identify and isolate performance returns that can be attributed to manager skill rather than style.  The technology behind StokTrib helps the institutional consulting and investor communities to make optimal decisions as it relates to manager selection and on-going manager monitoring.  

How can we help you?

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Learn more about the acquisition by reading the press release.