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eVestment is one of Inc. Magazine's 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies and a Favorite Place to Work as chosen by the Atlanta Journal and Constitution (AJC) three years running. Our unique blend of employee benefits, combined with a unsurpassed drive for stellar client service, makes eVestment a fun and dynamic work environment.


eVestment delivers insight and intelligence to the institutional investing community through a comprehensive, global database and cloud-based analytics technology. As institutional portfolios increasingly diversify holdings, a single source of data, analysis and reporting like that offered uniquely by eVestment becomes an essential foundation for efficient investing.

With better data and more flexible analytics, eVestment’s robust tools enable clients to conduct more thorough research, generate more insightful analysis and significantly improve their overall efficiency.

We serve the traditional – or long-only – industry with powerful analytic and reporting tools powered by extensive data submitted by thousands of fund managers. eVestment also offers unique insight into institutional holdings, asset flows and investor behavior.

We serve the hedge fund/alternatives industry with a depth of hedge fund data not available elsewhere and analytic tools that reflect the unique nature of hedge funds – including Monte Carlo simulation and several methods for risk modeling. In addition, data can be secured with a private portal restricting access to key potential investors. We also provide tools to track liquidity and perform in-depth risk analysis.

Asset managers use eVestment solutions for competitive analysis, asset flow trend analysis, fact sheet/presentation creation and developing insight on how pension plans, foundations, endowments and other allocators are making decisions on allocations. Drawing on its data management expertise, eVestment also offers database submission solutions for managers to address the industry's redundant data request problems by automating the transformation and precise update of manager data to multiple databases.

Institutional investors, investment consultants and other portfolio managers like family offices and funds of funds use eVestment solutions to screen and select managers for potential allocations. Investors are able to begin searches inclusively – narrowing down options based on criteria established for a given slice of the portfolio. eVestment provides ideal tools to monitor the ongoing performance of portfolio members compared to a wide array of universes, indexes and other benchmarks.

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