Making Smart Money Smarter SM

eVestment delivers data-driven insight to
make smart money smarter.

Big investors worldwide and the managers they choose make up the best of the best.  It is those who are the most experienced, well informed or “in-the-know” who are controlling the asset flows of intelligent investments around the world — the smart money.  But how do they know which allocation decisions to make? How do they find the best-of-the-best managers and monitor their progress?  How do they drive demand for their investment vehicles and stay on top of the competition?  Who does the smart money follow?

eVestment delivers  data-driven insight to make smart money smarter. We bring years of institutional data collection experience together with a suite of cloud-based analytical tools. The result is a unique set of solutions developed on top of the #1 database in the industry, built especially for and at the heart of the institutional investment community.

A Full Suite of Options for Allocators and Asset Managers

 Manager, screening, selection and monitoring
• Peer group comparisons
• Operational and market risk management
• Professional marketing materials
• Capital raising
• Database marketing and updates
• Data aggregation
• Investor behavior intelligence
• Competitive analysis
• Institutional asset flows













"It was clear early on that eVestment could relate to us because they were in our shoes not too long ago as consultants themselves. It was like eVestment was reading the minds of consulting firms to make the process of gathering institutional investment data easier."

Brad Levandoski
Chief Information Officer
Ellwood Associates

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