Real feedback from peers in your industry.

eVestment's client satisfaction is attributed to the fanatical level of client service offered and a product development standard based on specific client feedback.  The reason behind eVestment's high client retention rate is not a mystery.

"We have relied on the eVestment database and analytics tools for over a decade to research and monitor traditional asset managers. Despite having a large, dedicated hedge fund team researching the space and over $30Bn in assets under advice invested in hedge funds, we have found the quality of readily available hedge fund data somewhat lacking. We are very pleased to be able to further leverage eVestment for institutional quality hedge fund data and analysis. Our clients continue to increase allocations to hedge funds and eVestment provides us with an efficient toolkit to improve further our evaluation and monitoring of the hedge fund manager landscape."
- Towers Watson, Global Professional Services Company

"eVestment helps me tremendously when doing my searches; when I request information from them, it is provided accurately and in a very timely manner. I’m so thankful we selected them as our partner—thanks so much eVestment for all you do!"
- Director of Research , Consultant (Client Since May 2002)

"Easily the most well-designed and reliable Web-based database of its type. Intuitive and fast."
- Investment Consulting Firm , (Client Since June 2002 with $495 Billion AUA)

"The economies of scale that we have gained by using eVestment Omni are tremendous… We also have more confidence in the accuracy of our data and have been able to grow our consultant base because of improved search inclusion and the leverage that the eVestment database gives us."
- Director of Consultant Relations , (Investment Management Firm with Approximately 29 Products and $127 Billion AUM)

"Previously, we spent close to two months updating our consultant databases; since implementing eVestment Omni, we’ve been able to reduce that time by half. By using our resources more productively, our team is able to focus on more significant and challenging investment work—eVestment Omni has greatly improved our office morale."
- Managing Director , (Investment Management Firm with Approximately 4 Products and $344 Million AUM)

"I’m really impressed with not only the reporting that eVestment offers but also their outstanding customer service. On a daily basis, I look forward to working with the eVestment system; the maneuvering and checklist abilities make it actually fun to work with – imagine that!"
- Investment Analyst , Investment Manager (Client Since June 2001)

"We commend the excellent customer service eVestment provides. They answer our questions very promptly – at all hours of the day. Everyone we have dealt with has been very professional and helpful. I wonder at least once a day how in the world we would function without them!"
- Senior Investment Analyst , Plan Sponsor (Clients Since July 2002)

"The eVestment staff has ALWAYS been available to assist any time. We have appreciated all the help they have given us over the past couple of years."
- Investment Manager , (Client Since February 2002)

"You folks do an awesome job at customer service."
- Consultant , (Client Since January 2002)

"We appreciate the great product and service."
- Vice President , Consultant (Client Since December 2003)

"Just wanted to pass along that today, eVestment made my life very easy on a write-up that I was doing. Your firm has a great product."
- Investment Consultant , (Client Since March 2002)

"eVestment is so much better than the other databases that we used to use. It is more comprehensive, and the actual visual output is of higher quality and professionalism."
- Consultant , (Client Since July 2003)

"Thank you once again! The charts in our client servicing books have never looked so good!"
- Marketing Associate , Investment Manager (Client Since February 2002)

"Congratulations, your successes mean less demand for data to populate proprietary consultant databases. I like that."
- Principal , Investment Manager (Client Since June 2003)

"We have found eVestment universes to be the most helpful during our compensation discussions. They also are the most accurately placed products."
- Manager , Investment Manager (Client Since February 2002)

"We’re in the middle of our business planning process, and the database proved invaluable in writing the product plans for our ACWI and EAFE products."
- Sales Support , Investment Manager (Client Since April 2003)

"…the quality and timeliness of the data is superb."
- Analyst , Consultant (Client Since June 2002)

"Customer service is nearly the best I’ve encountered in our industry."
- Investment Manager , Public & Hedge Fund Strategies, Plan Sponsor (Client Since February 2003)

"…I used the fee analyzer for the first time, and it was great! …I haven’t seen an option like this in any other databases, and it was perfect for my needs."
- Marketing Product Manager , Investment Manager (Client Since July 2001)

"Everyone at eVestment is great – quick to respond, thorough – and patient."
- Technology Team Manager , Consultant (Client Since January 2002)

"The quality and timeliness of the data is superb. What did we do before eVestment?"
- Director Of Research , Consultant (Client Since June 2002)

"Thanks for all of your help with eVestment Omni over the last two years. It has made my life much easier. It also has allowed me to introduce many efficiencies into our group and provided our team with the opportunity to take on many more responsibilities than we could have otherwise."
- Investment Management Firm

"As someone who oversees market intelligence and analysis at a top investment management firm, one of the tools I use to conduct my various analyses is eVestment Analytics, an excellent tool. From time to time, I do need help with it and will contact your Client Service team. They always help me out. At some point I had a critical project I needed to complete rapidly using quite a few numbers and reports from eVestment. Your client service team members were immensely and graciously helpful. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciated their professionalism and their politeness. I felt they went the extra mile for me. eVestment is lucky to have people like them. Please communicate my regards and gratitude."
- Head of Market Intelligence , Investment Manager (Client Since 2006)

"As an investment manager, I enjoy using eVestment Analytics and have been impressed with your system, since I began using it in 2008. I also have been very pleased with the can-do attitudes and the timely responses by your Client Service team, when I have needed help. The training I received from them last year was the icing on the cake. Kudos to all!"
- Principal , Investment Manager (Client Since 2008)

"I was very impressed with the eVestment Omni product, when I used it at my previous firm. The setup took some time, but it was well worth it. A bonus is that the data provided through Omni is automatically populated into eVestment's manager database, which is one of the more robust investment manager databases out there. I highly recommend it."
- Senior Associate, Investment Manager