Powering Enhanced Transparency Through Robust Data & Analytics

Venn + eVestment Partnership

Leading institutional investors rely on Venn to quickly perform sophisticated analysis and better understand sources of risk across multiple asset classes. They also turn to eVestment as a trusted source for investment manager data spanning public and private markets.

By integrating eVestment data into Venn, investors can uncover more robust insights to help drive decisions around investment evaluation, manager due diligence, and portfolio construction and optimization.

Through this partnership, subscribers will:

Leverage the Breadth & Depth of Two Datasets

Venn and eVestment are seamlessly integrated for clients with an eVestment license and offer joint clients enhanced portfolio insights and analytics designed to help investment teams make more confident asset allocation, manager selection, and quantitatively driven investment decisions.

Expand Multi-Class Asset Insights

Venn uses the Two Sigma Factor Lens™ to offer a unique multi-asset class look at how exposures to global risk factors may affect investment performance and volatility, helping clients stay aligned with their strategic objectives.

Reach the Broad Institutional Audience

Venn was designed purposefully for the allocator market to help analyze multi-asset portfolios of public and private investments of institutions. The eVestment database provides a complementary backbone with data points spanning more than 25,000 institutional products.

Enjoy Accessibility at your Fingertips

eVestment subscribers will now be able to access data on the Venn platform through use of their license. The data integration will trickle into Venn’s various analytics scenarios for greater insights and transparency into investment decision making.

Two Sigma Investor Solutions, LP operates Venn. View important disclaimers and disclosures here. Venn is for institutional investors only.