eVestment Blog

14 Aug

Analyzing Investor Sentiment Around Rising Interest Rates

Institutional investors are facing the task of navigating global central bank policy shifts and their effects. In U.S. markets, this has resulted in a flattening yield curve and heightened awareness and anticipation of a U.S. rising rate environment. Using eVestment’s Public Plan IQ, Advantage and Asset Flows solutions, we analyzed the actions that U.S. public [...]
13 Aug

Macro, Managed Futures Performance a Drag on Hedge Fund Biz

Given the broadly positive returns posted in July, the beginning of H2 2018 would appear to have been a positive one. However, the good performance is overshadowed at the aggregate level by underperformance from macro and managed futures products according to the just-released July 2018 eVestment Hedge Fund Performance Report. Nearly 63% of reporting products [...]
09 Aug

Equity Strategies Dominate eVestment Views in July

In a month where equity products dominated the top viewed strategies globally and in many regions of the world, investors and consultants in Europe ex-UK and Japan had a bigger taste for fixed-income strategies than their peers in July, according to the latest eVestment Advantage Viewership Report covering the past month. Eight of the top-viewed [...]
08 Aug

How to React to a Changing RFP Process

Request for proposals (RFPs), as part of your distribution strategy, are an opportunity to impact the presence you want to project to the marketplace. The RFP process in the institutional investment space has changed drastically over the past five years. There are now more RFPs than ever, longer, more in-depth RFPs and improved technology for [...]
24 Jul

Performance Issues Taking a Toll on Hedge Fund Asset Flows

Investors withdrew an estimated $7.88 billion from global hedge funds in June 2018, bringing overall Q2 2018 net flows for the industry to -$5.43 billion, according to the just-released eVestment June and Q2 2018 Hedge Fund Asset Flows Report. Industry assets under management (AUM) stood at $3.308 trillion at the end of the quarter and [...]
19 Jul

Investment Database Marketing: Best Practices for Success

In recent years, we have seen a significant shift in how institutional investors and consultants are using investment databases for manager selection and research as open calls for RFPs have become less common. You should consider your database profile to be a comparable resume for your strategy and your firm. While investment database marketing has [...]
12 Jul

Hedge Fund Returns Mixed at Close of 2018’s First Half

Halfway through 2018, the hedge fund industry is producing very mixed results. Just over half of reporting strategies are positive for the year, according to the just-released June 2018 eVestment Hedge Fund Performance Report. Those funds that are positive are up an average of +5.3%, while those in the red are down an average of [...]
05 Jul

Canadian, Australian eVestment Users Looking Close to Home

Institutional investors and consultants from Canada and Australia reviewing investment strategies on eVestment showed more home-country bias than users from other regions of the world in June 2018, according to the latest eVestment Advantage Viewership Report covering the month. Among Canadian users in June, 14 of the top viewed strategies were Canada focused. While less [...]
02 Jul

Using Institutional Data to Evaluate M&A Opportunities

Investment professionals, financial executives and mergers and acquisition execs are increasingly using “alternative” data to get a competitive edge. Satellite images of shopping center parking lots, trucking schedules, mobile phone usage patterns and more can offer insights that create an edge in finding investment opportunities, vetting acquisition targets and closing deals. eVestment clients are increasingly [...]