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10 Oct

Hedge Funds See Two Months of Negative Returns, Still Positive YTD

Aggregate hedge fund industry performance slipped into the red again in September, with the industry returning -0.11% last month, according to the just-released eVestment September 2019 hedge fund performance figures. This marked the second consecutive month of negative industry returns, although the industry is still positive for the year, with aggregate year-to-date (YTD) industry returns [...]
05 Oct

eVestment Uncovers September’s Top Investment Firms, Strategies, Asset Classes

Understanding the firms, their products and strategy universes of greatest and rising interest among global institutional investment professionals is a unique advantage for asset managers, and an intriguing view into regional peer preferences for investors and consultants. The monthly eVestment Advantage Viewership Report highlights the top asset managers, products and asset classes of interest to [...]
25 Sep

Redemptions from Hedge Funds Continue in August, but Less Widespread

Investors redeemed an estimated $6.51 billion from the global hedge funds business in August 2019, bringing year-to-date (YTD) flows to a negative $63.61 billion, according to the August 2019 eVestment Hedge Fund Asset Flows Report. Performance also reduced assets as total industry AUM declined to $3.259 trillion last month. The majority of primary strategies eVestment [...]
20 Sep

Hedge Funds More Willing to Budge on Management Fees

The rollercoaster ride the hedge fund business has been on in recent years has driven many hedge fund managers to negotiate lower management fees with investors, but far fewer are willing to budge on performance fees, according to a new State of Institutional Fees Report: Hedge Funds, released today. Of the hedge funds covered in [...]
12 Sep

Equity Universes and Strategies Rule Top Global eVestment Lists in August

Investors and consultants had a strong interest in equities in August, according to the top viewed universes and strategies captured in eVestment’s August Advantage Viewership Report. All but one of the top 10 universes viewed in August on eVestment were equity universes, with one fixed-income universe – US High Yield Fixed Income – coming in [...]
11 Sep

Hedge Fund Performance Negative in August, Positive YTD

Aggregate monthly performance for the hedge fund industry slipped into the red in August at -0.31%, the second negative month the industry has seen this year (May was the first), according to the just-released eVestment August 2019 hedge fund performance data. Year to date (YTD) 2019 industry performance sits at +6.97%. In spite of a [...]
29 Aug

Traditional Fixed-Income Strategies See Net Inflows in 2Q 2019

Long-only asset managers reported Q2 2019 institutional assets under management of $28.4 trillion to eVestment, according to the 2Q 2019 eVestment Traditional Asset Flows Report. Net institutional flows totaled -$52.4 billion in the most recent quarter and -$370.1 billion over the past four quarters, according to the report. The quarterly eVestment Traditional Asset Flows report [...]
28 Aug

Alts Could Benefit from US Public Pensions Allocation Shifts

US public pensions’ over- and under-allocations to various asset classes could mean billions of dollars flowing into real estate, private equity, real assets and other alternative asset classes in the near future, according to data from eVestment’s Market Lens Asset Allocation Trends report. The report, which pulls data on US public pension allocation plans from [...]
22 Aug

Hedge Fund Business Still Seeing Outflows, But Performance Boosts AUM

Investors withdrew another $8.42 billion from the global hedge fund industry in July, according to the July 2019 eVestment Hedge Fund Asset Flows Report. But strong performance in the industry continues to boost overall industry assets under management (AUM), which stood at $3.303 trillion last month, according to the new report. Hedge funds have generally [...]
08 Aug

US-Based Investors Show Least Interest in Global Strategies, Most in Domestic.

In July, 17% of views from US-based investors and consultants were directed at global products and the majority (53%) at US products, according to the just-released July 2019 eVestment Advantage Viewership Report. Only clients in two other regions, Canada (27%) and Europe ex-UK (32%), had less than 40% of their views go to globally focused [...]