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17 Jan

Hedge Fund Redemptions Top $100 Billion for 2016

Hedge fund assets remained above $3 trillion to end 2016, despite redemptions of over $100 billion, according to eVestment's Hedge Fund Asset Flows Report for December, Q4 and Year-End 2016. December marked the sixth month of outflows in the last seven and resulted in Q4 being the largest quarterly outflow from the industry since Q1 2009, [...]
12 Jan

Simplify Manager Document Collection and Distribution

During our research with consultant clients to better understand their due diligence and manager monitoring, we saw an opportunity to improve the process by which managers distribute key documents to consultants and investors. Consultants often request that managers provide them with documents such as Form ADV when performing initial due diligence, and will then request [...]
11 Jan

Did Investors Miss the Boat on Hedge Funds in 2016?

For 2016, the hedge fund industry returned +5.34%, according to the just-released eVestment December and Year-End 2016 Hedge Fund Performance Report. This is a significant rebound following a -0.72% aggregate return in 2015, which set the stage for investors during 2016 – unhappy with returns and chafing at hedge fund fees – to remove more [...]
09 Jan
Public Plan IQ

Top Docs Reviewed in 2016 Highlight Industry Trends

Public Plan IQ, an eVestment company that offers a SaaS-based, searchable platform providing access to public pension plan reporting and board documents, revealed its top 10 viewed documents for 2016. Traditional and alternative investment managers, consultants, placement agents, broker dealers and institutional investors all use Public Plan IQ to access the competitive intelligence of the [...]
04 Jan

Top Hedge Funds Appear Insulated from Many World Events

Risk is an inherent part of investing. And major global, national and financial events can quickly turn a solid risk model on its ear. For hedge fund investors, eVestment’s January 2017 Hedge Fund Exposure & Tail Risk Report seeks to quantify how events similar to major recent historical events might impact top hedge funds today. [...]
21 Dec

Hedge Fund Outflows Continue, Small Funds Beat Big

Event-driven hedge funds were one of several bright spots in hedge fund asset flow trends in November as investors catch on to these funds’ strong performance, according to the just-released eVestment November 2016 Hedge Fund Asset Flows Report. After enduring negative investor sentiment for nearly two years, yet outperforming most other strategies during 2016, event-driven [...]
15 Dec

Did Stock Pickers Anticipate a Big AT&T Move?

Telecommunications company AT&T jumped onto the list of the top 20 stocks owned by institutional investors in 3Q (at No. 15), prior to the October announcement that the company would acquire Time Warner, according to the just-released eVestment 3Q 2016 Institutional Stock Ownership Report. This jump might indicate that some stock pickers saw big things [...]
09 Dec

US Election Benefits Activist Hedge Funds in November

While investors continue to pull money from hedge funds, the industry is offering performance that may cause some investors to regret those decisions. Hedge funds turned in a positive 0.55% performance in November, according to the just-released November 2016 eVestment Hedge Fund Performance Report, bringing year-to-date (YTD) performance to +4.46%. While that overall industry average [...]
07 Dec

How to #THRIVE in 2017

What is the winning formula for asset managers and institutional investors in the coming year? The 2016 eVestment Institutional Investment Intelligence (EI3) client conference set out to answer exactly this question. With over 200 attendees, the conference provided institutional investment professionals with the latest trends and actionable items from a great line of speakers. Here [...]
07 Dec

Institutional Asset Management Biz Snaps Outflow Trend

The institutional asset management industry reported net inflows of $19.7 billion in 3Q 2016 after 11 consecutive quarters of net outflows from the industry. Several trends and topics in the industry, including reaction to the BREXIT vote, interest in ESG investing and active vs. passive investment strategies, are beginning to move the needle on investment [...]