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24 May

Institutional Asset Owners Becoming More Intentional About ESG Investing

Interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing has grown dramatically as asset managers have raced to market with new strategies and approaches. Asset owners face a different set of challenges and opportunities as they respond to increasing interest in ESG from both participants and providers, as Reino Ecklord from NEPC and Cambridge Associates’ Kelley [...]
21 May

Hedge Fund Asset Flows Barely Positive for April

With the net flow of investor capital remaining firmly positive for the year, and slightly positive for April, the global hedge fund industry seems to be on positive footing so far in 2018, according to the just-released April 2018 Hedge Fund Asset Flows Report. However, nearly 63% of reporting managers faced some level of net [...]
16 May

How Family Offices Can Leverage Relationships and Data to Maximize Returns

According to a recent report from Capgemini, the assets under management of family offices in the U.S. alone has grown to about $1.2 trillion AUM. This means the importance of family offices in the institutional ecosystem continues to increase, and also helps family offices have more bargaining power with managers when it comes to fees, [...]
10 May

Activist Hedge Funds Show Strong Performance in April

Activist hedge fund strategies brought in among the strongest returns in the hedge fund industry in April, while overall industry returns are being dragged down by some mediocre performances, according to the just-released eVestment April 2018 Hedge Fund Performance Report. The overall industry returned +0.38% in April, bringing year-to-date (YTD) 2018 returns to a just-barely [...]
10 May

Top Considerations for Asset Owners Deliberating Outsourced CIOs

Asset owners considering the transition from using consulting firms in an advisory role to a fiduciary role heard from representatives of three leading OCIO firms at eVestment’s recent EI3 conference in Atlanta. Brian Binkley from Vanguard, T.J. Kistner from Segal Marco Advisors and Aon’s Mike Sebastian covered similarities and differences between the two approaches and [...]
09 May

Majority of Alts Admin Firms Expect Industry Consolidation

A majority of alternative fund administration firms – 74% – expect consolidation in the alts fund admin space, according to the just-released eVestment Alternative Fund Administration 2018 survey. This is up dramatically from the 47% of survey respondents who expected consolidation in 2017’s survey. And despite technology and new players disrupting numerous industries around the [...]
08 May

Key Themes for Asset Managers Looking to Gain Share with OCIOs

Demand for investment solutions by outsourced CIO (OCIO) firms have kept pace with soaring OCIO assets under management. But asset managers may find OCIO expectations different than traditional asset pools and revising marketing and sales techniques may be required. Three OCIO representatives spoke at eVestment’s recent EI3 conference in Atlanta: Vanguard’s Brian Binkley, T.J. Kistner [...]
07 May

US-Focused Equity Strategies Make Strong Showing in April

United State-focused equity strategies made a strong showing among new products entering the list of most viewed products on eVestment in April. Four of the eight new products entering April’s global top 20 most viewed product list were US-focused equity strategies. Three of these new US-focused entrants were large cap products and one was a [...]
03 May

How Asset Managers Can Use Data to Identify Growth Opportunities

With competition getting fiercer than ever, institutional asset managers are increasingly using data to identify new growth paths. During eVestment’s recent EI3 conference, Peter Laurelli, Global Head of Research and John Molesphini, Global Head of Strategic Engagement, presented several examples of how asset managers can “look within the numbers and the data” to find trends [...]
02 May

Assessing Alpha in Private Equity Returns with Public Market Equivalent Analysis

With private equity experiencing strong distributions in recent years (figure 1), investors have been quick to re-invest to maintain target allocation goals and also capture future returns. This is evidenced by the strong fundraising environment – PEI reported that 2017 global private equity fundraising totaled $411bn, the highest annual total since 2008. Figure 1. 2000 [...]