05 Oct

How to Find Private Equity Fundraising Success: Understanding the Market

This is the first of a four-part blog series exploring how to find and utilize various key sources of information on the private equity market, US public plan investors and other fund managers to help GPs accelerate fundraising and improve investor communications. The Importance of Leveraging Granular and Timely Market Intelligence As one of the [...]
27 Sep

US Pension Plans’ Private Markets Activity – Summer 2018 Recap

Derived from intelligence available in eVestment Private Markets, each month we highlight the top news and activity from North American and U.K. public pension plans across their private markets programs. While the three months of summer can often be thought of as a quieter time in private equity, fundraising, portfolio reviews and strategic meetings persist [...]
25 Sep

How Viewership Can Be Used as a Leading Indicator of Flows

Asset managers track institutional investor and consultant activity on the eVestment platform to uncover trends about their universes and strategies. This viewership activity can be used as a leading indicator of future flows (both inflows and outflows). The relationship between consultant and investor viewership activity and asset flows can often be seen prominently after a [...]
13 Sep
fee research

Distribution Increasingly Key to Success in Asset Management

In the asset management business, distribution, the process by which asset management firms compete for and retain assets, is increasingly being recognized as a key component to firm success. As the Boston Consulting Group points out in its recent “Global Asset Management 2017: The Innovator’s Advantage” report: “Tomorrow’s industry leaders will appear quite different from [...]
21 Aug

Study Highlights Benefits, Challenges of Brand Awareness in Asset Management

Brand awareness is not just important for sodas, stores and celebrities. Even in the world of institutional investment management, a strong brand can have big benefits. eVestment data shows that asset managers with both high firm and product awareness realize growth as much as 20.3 times that of firms with low awareness, but achieving those [...]
16 Aug

Survey Confirms Increase in GIPS Compliance, Verification

A just-released survey of institutional asset managers, consultants and investors confirms compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) is on the rise, with 84% of asset managers responding saying their firms are GIPS compliant. This is up from 72% who claimed compliance in 2014, the last time eVestment and consulting firm ACA Compliance Group conducted [...]
14 Aug

Analyzing Investor Sentiment Around Rising Interest Rates

Institutional investors are facing the task of navigating global central bank policy shifts and their effects. In U.S. markets, this has resulted in a flattening yield curve and heightened awareness and anticipation of a U.S. rising rate environment. Using eVestment’s Public Plan IQ, Advantage and Asset Flows solutions, we analyzed the actions that U.S. public [...]
08 Aug

How to React to a Changing RFP Process

Request for proposals (RFPs), as part of your distribution strategy, are an opportunity to impact the presence you want to project to the marketplace. The RFP process in the institutional investment space has changed drastically over the past five years. There are now more RFPs than ever, longer, more in-depth RFPs and improved technology for [...]
19 Jul

Investment Database Marketing: Best Practices for Success

In recent years, we have seen a significant shift in how institutional investors and consultants are using investment databases for manager selection and research as open calls for RFPs have become less common. You should consider your database profile to be a comparable resume for your strategy and your firm. While investment database marketing has [...]