07 Dec

How to #THRIVE in 2017

What is the winning formula for asset managers and institutional investors in the coming year? The 2016 eVestment Institutional Investment Intelligence (EI3) client conference set out to answer exactly this question. With over 200 attendees, the conference provided institutional investment professionals with the latest trends and actionable items from a great line of speakers. Here [...]
01 Dec

Global Emerging Markets – Light at the End of the Tunnel?

In a previous blog post, we cast a spotlight on the challenges facing active equity managers in the U.S. Large Cap universe. Now we’ll look specifically at Global Emerging Markets (GEM) equity as new, positive trends are coming forth. According to eVestment data, GEM active managers have experienced $38B in outflows over the period from [...]
29 Nov
Deep Sea Diver

Asking Deeper Questions About Complex Investments

Institutional investors have access to such a wide variety of investments that it can be a struggle to find the time to properly vet and evaluate all the options, especially on the private markets side. No matter which asset class or strategy you are considering, it’s important to know the right questions to ask that [...]
15 Nov

Making the Case for Your Active Equity Strategy

Active equity managers are facing a rough operating environment on many fronts. Institutional investors are seriously looking to allocate from active to passive solutions in many of the efficient markets, such as the U.S. In a recent article, Investment Pensions Europe (IPE) stated that, “Given the increasing competition from passive, smart beta and quantitative approaches, fundamental [...]
08 Oct

Changes to ESG Data Collection

eVestment has worked with consultants to update our ESG input questions, providing an opportunity for managers to tell their responsible investing story more thoroughly on the firm and strategy level to potential investors. With these changes in data collection, investors and consultants will now not only be able to vet specific products, but also entire [...]
15 Jun

The Disconnect Between Expected Rate of Return and Current Market Conditions

Institutional investors are currently facing a difficult reality. The funded status of pension plans is dwindling, while at the same time, the expected rate of return is on the decline due to both the low interest rate environment and lower returns in stocks. These circumstances are leading to changes in investor allocations, as well as […]

02 Jun

Five Takeaways for PE managers from eVestment’s Chicago Breakfast

In May we held our first Breakfast Briefing for Private Equity in Chicago. PE managers joined us to hear from Graeme Faulds, eVestment’s Director of Private Equity Solutions, and Karen Rode, Head of Global Private Equity at Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting about new and emerging trends in PE manager due diligence and to gain insight […]

23 May

New Study Highlights Benefits, Challenges of Brand Awareness in Asset Management

Brand awareness is not just important for sodas, stores and celebrities. Even in the world of institutional investment management, a strong brand can have big benefits. eVestment data shows that asset managers with both high firm and product awareness realize growth as much as 24.4 times that of firms with low awareness, but achieving those […]

03 May

Strategic Positioning in an Evolving Marketplace

Satisfying the ever-changing appetite of the market can be a challenge for asset managers. Whether markets are up or down, managers are always looking to have “go-to” products with excellent track records. Understanding market trends will help you shift your focus to areas that are of most interest to institutional investors and consultants. Let’s take [...]