18 Jan

Five Tips for Successfully Using Fund Manager Databases

Screening on a fund manager database is the first step of the manager selection process, enabling investors and consultants to narrow down a large universe of strategies to a more manageable list to research in more detail. It is the foundation of investment decisions, but if done too hastily, it can create bias and limit [...]
14 Dec

The 10 Best-Performing European Equities Strategies in 2017

Small and mid-cap European equities strategies have proven to be profitable in 2017, with eight of the top ten performing European equities strategies coming from managers investing significantly in these securities, eVestment data shows. FPM Funds Stockpicker Germany Small/Mid Cap enjoyed the strongest absolute returns in eVestment’s All Europe Equity universe, with 49.08% gross return [...]
05 Dec

Al Gore at IPE: Climate Change the “Single Biggest Investment Opportunity in All History”

Climate change has presented investors with the “single biggest investment opportunity in all history,” according to Al Gore, former Vice President of the U.S., and now Chairman of Generation Investment Management. Gore, who gave the closing keynote speech at this year’s IPE Conference & Awards in Prague, noted the last three years have been the [...]
15 Nov

Italy’s ENPAM Using eVestment to Source New Equities and Alternatives Managers

Italy’ largest pension fund, Fondazione ENPAM, plans to use eVestment to research new investments in equities and alternatives managers as its asset base grows, according to a senior portfolio manager. Speaking at eVestment’s Italian Manager Seminar in October, Vladimir Spirito, head of alternative investments, said the €21 billion pension fund is adding €1billion in contributions [...]
26 Oct

PLSA: What Artificial Intelligence Means for Investors

The theme of "Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Mankind" was explored at last week’s PLSA Annual Conference in Manchester, with renowned AI expert and Oxford academic, Nick Bostrom, who suggested that AI represented the third major revolution in human history after the agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution. His central question: could we make [...]
25 Oct

Inst Investors Continue Interest in Private Equity, Real Assets

U.S. public pension plans tracked by eVestment’s Public Plan IQ made 72 investment commitments to private equity funds in Q3 2017, the No. 1 allocation choice for these public plans during the quarter. Allocations to real assets came in at No. 2, at 66 during Q3 2017. Public Plan IQ’s Q3 results mirror allocation trends [...]
23 Oct

PLSA: What ‘The 100-Year Life’ Means for UK Pensions

The PLSA Annual Conference took place in Manchester last week with the theme "Decoding The Future,"  which demonstrates the pension industry’s focus on the need to tackle future challenges today. One of the standout sessions focused on The 100-Year Life, with featured author and academic Lynda Gratton, and NEST chair, Otto Thorensen. The issue of longevity [...]
06 Oct

Predicting Top Quartile Private Equity Performance

“Past performance is not an indicator of future results.”   A well-known, well-used adage in the investment world, but how applicable is it to private equity? According to a number of research studies on the asset class, extremely. One of the first studies to investigate the persistence of PE performance was published in 2014 by [...]
04 Oct
fee research

Distribution Increasingly Key to Success in Asset Management

In the asset management business, distribution, the process by which asset management firms compete for and retain assets, is increasingly being recognized as a key component to firm success As the Boston Consulting Group points out in its recent “Global Asset Management 2017: The Innovator’s Advantage” report: “Tomorrow’s industry leaders will appear quite different from [...]
29 Sep

Quantifying the Impact of Investors’ Skill on Private Equity Portfolio Returns

While all institutional investors strive to predict and select top quartile private equity funds, there is a significant cost of missing out on these funds. According to various research studies, the difference between being invested in a top quartile and bottom quartile private equity fund has a significant impact on fund returns, reported at as [...]