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21 May

Improving User Experience through New Technology

As the eVestment platform continues to experience an increase in the number of clients and amount of data we support, the key to maintaining a superior user experience is ensuring that the performance of our solutions remains consistently high. Let’s take a look at one of the tools the eVestment Technology team implemented to deliver [...]
08 May

Who Trusts a Track Record?

Surprisingly few would seem to be the answer according to some recent research. Past performance remains the primary criterion for selecting a fund manager according to most private equity investors. However, recent research carried out by Ludovic Phalippou of the Said Business School and Marco DaRin of Tilburg University, states that only 9% of investors […]

23 Apr

Three Ways to Take Charge of Your Fiduciary Responsibility

The use of consultants is undeniably widespread — in fact 94% of institutional investors surveyed by Pensions & Investments use a consultant. But should that be where fiduciary responsibility stops?  After all, it is typically the investment committee that retains the responsibility for fiduciary oversight. A “check the box” approach or a cursory review of a […]

23 Apr

The New Reality of Private Equity Performance

With research by Tim Jenkinson, Robert Harris, and Steven Kaplan, revealing that private equity returns are actually much better than previously thought and have outperformed the S&P 500 by 300 basis points since 1995, it’s no wonder McKinsey & Company are forecasting a surge in the industry’s assets under management in their latest article. The […]

16 Apr

Hedge Fund Age Greater Factor in Performance than Size; Maturing Industry Sees More Tenured, Larger Funds

eVestment’s newest report, “Impact of Size and Age on Hedge Fund Performance: 2003 – 2013,” finds that age appears to be a greater factor in relative hedge fund performance than size and the hedge fund industry is maturing, with more older funds and larger funds. This new report is the most comprehensive review of hedge […]

09 Apr

Four Critical Components for Hedge Funds to Effectively Penetrate the Institutional Space

One of the most popular topics discussed within the hedge fund community at the moment revolves around the concept of penetrating the institutional space. Depending on the firm’s size, history, pedigree and investment approach, this may mean securing their first institutional investor or bridging the gap from one sub-category to the next. However, the common […]

19 Mar

Regulation, Technology, M&A on the Minds of Alt Fund Administrators

eVestment’s Alternative Fund Administrator Survey offers the latest insights into administrators’ thoughts on trends and their concerns for the industry’s near future. For this latest report, we collected input from 41 firms from around the world. And for the first time, this report expands beyond administrators’ hedge fund and funds-of-funds capabilities to include information on […]

07 Mar

Five Ways to Search Like a Consultant

Leveraging your consultant relationship is an appropriate first step for manager searches, yet it doesn’t stop there. If you read my last post, you know increasing your fiduciary responsibility is becoming more and more important, and you may want to start conducting your own searches. But how do you get started?  Here’s a play-by-play to [...]
05 Mar

Question and Answer: Managing RFPs and Database Teams

It’s no secret the accuracy and timeliness of completing RFPs and updating databases can make or break an asset manager’s ability to win a mandate. Recently managers have experienced a rise in the amount of database and document requests (RFPs, RFIs and DDQs), necessitating the need for and the importance of RFP and database teams […]