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05 Mar

Question and Answer: Managing RFPs and Database Teams

It’s no secret the accuracy and timeliness of completing RFPs and updating databases can make or break an asset manager’s ability to win a mandate. Recently managers have experienced a rise in the amount of database and document requests (RFPs, RFIs and DDQs), necessitating the need for and the importance of RFP and database teams […]

19 Feb

Five Critical Factors to Delivering Winning RFP Responses

Request for Proposals (RFPs) have evolved over the years to become more streamlined and automated. What are the critical success factors for delivering a comprehensive, targeted and impactful response? Check out these tips below… Select RFP’s You Can WinIn order to improve your chances for winning, there is nothing wrong with going for the low-hanging […]

11 Feb

New eVestment Features Help Make Smart Money Smarter

I hope your 2014 is off to a great start.  At eVestment, we’re always working to improve our offerings for existing clients and potential clients.  Here’s a quick look at some of the ways we’ve made eVestment even more useful to you. eVestment Quantum SM Analytics As alternative assets increasingly comprise a growing proportion of […]

08 Feb

eVestment & Casey Quirk 2014 Global Investor Survey Offers Unique Insights for Asset Managers

As the investment community becomes more global, more complex and we emerge from a period of low interest rates and global economic concern, information becomes more and more crucial for asset managers seeking to better map strategies.  The annual eVestment-Casey Quirk 2014 Global Investor Survey offers a comprehensive global snapshot of the concerns and plans […]

21 Jan

Are you Struggling with Private Equity Data?

As I’ve said in another of our blog posts, private equity is one of the most numerate industries there is, filled with highly skilled individuals who thrive on hard data. So Why Is Private Equity Still Struggling With Data? It seems quite shocking, then, that over 50% of private equity fund managers are still struggling […]

04 Dec

Visualizing the Future of Private Equity

Businesses large and small now have the ability to gather more and more data about various aspects of their organizations, but with so much data available, how do you make sense of it all or draw actionable insights from it? Thankfully, data visualization tools have become even more sophisticated to make information easy to understand […]

26 Nov

The Transparency Illusion: What Private Equity Investors Really Want

This article originally appeared on PE Manager on 18th November, 2013. Transparency has become one of the biggest buzz words in the private equity industry of late, but perhaps it is actually obscuring the true picture. What is meant by transparency and who is demanding it? The call for greater transparency has come from outside […]

06 Nov

The Impact of the AIFMD on Private Equity Transparency

ALFI’s US Roadshow was passing through Boston this week, so I took advantage of a seminar so close to home and attended on Monday. If you’re not familiar with ALFI, find out more about them here. The seminar was very informative and featured discussion on the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), which was causing […]

08 Oct

Five Things Hedge Funds Can Expect in the Institutional Market

So you’ve decided to jump into the institutional market. Now what?  The institutional investor is attractive to hedge funds for many reasons — “stickier” investments and larger allocations, to name a couple. But the institutional investor is a much different audience than the high net worth clients you might be used to. They come with […]

07 Oct

The 5 Worst Mistakes in a Track Record

Spending 15 years of my career as an investor into private equity at SL Capital Partners, it’s fair to say I’ve analyzed a few track records of fund managers throughout Europe and North America. During this time, I saw countless errors, omissions, and questionable methodologies. Here are, in my opinion, the worst five. 1. The […]