27 Oct

Investors Redeem From Hedge Funds in Sept., AUM Down to $3.045 Trillion, Asia Funds a Bright Spot

Investors in September removed $8.1 billion from hedge funds, according to the just-released September 2015 eVestment Hedge Fund Asset Flows Report. Combined with performance decreases of $10.1 billion in the month, the hedge fund industry stood at $3.045 trillion total AUM in September, down from August’s total of $3.053 trillion, according to the report. A […]

12 Oct

Hedge Funds Down -1.2% in September, 2015 YTD Returns at -2.35%

Global volatility took a further toll on hedge fund returns in September, with overall hedge fund returns at -1.2% last month, bringing YTD returns further into negative territory at -2.35%, according to the just-released September 2015 eVestment Hedge Fund Performance Report. For many in the hedge fund industry, 2015 is shaping up as the worst […]

29 Sep

Hedge Fund Assets Fall 2.5% in August, Reversals in Some Popular Segments, Asia Funds Take Hit

While investors added $10.5 billion to hedge funds in August, performance decreases of about $78.4 billion sent overall global hedge fund industry AUM down 2.5% to $3.05 trillion last month, according to the just-released August 2015 eVestment Hedge Fund Asset Flows Report. Investor confidence in hedge funds appears to be strong, with investors plowing a […]

24 Sep

New Report Looks at Top Schools Providing Talent to the Institutional Asset Management Industry

For students considering careers in asset management, college and university officials seeking to market their institutions, asset management firms looking for new recruits or anyone with an interest in the top schools feeding talent into the asset management industry, the just-released 2015 eVestment Education Report is a must-read. Institutional asset managers around the globe provide […]

11 Sep

Hedge Funds Have a Tough August: Down -2.19% for the Month, Dropping YTD Returns to Negative

Market volatility in the past months finally took a toll in August on hedge funds, which had experienced strong performance for most of this year. Overall hedge fund industry performance was -2.19% in August 2015, dropping overall year-to-date returns into negative territory as well, at -0.95%, according to the just-released August 2015 eVestment Hedge Fund […]

24 Aug

Investors Pull $5B from Hedge Funds in July, Performance Ups AUM to $3.133 Trillion

Investors pulled $5 billion in assets from hedge funds in July, 2015, but performance gains of $16.1 billion increased overall hedge fund industry assets to $3.133 trillion in the month, according to eVestment’s just-released July 2015 Hedge Fund Asset Flows Report. Some interesting points in the latest report include: Recent allocation/redemption trends are very similar […]

06 Aug

New Report Shows a Maturing Hedge Fund Industry

eVestment’s latest report, Impact of Size and Age on Hedge Fund Performance – 2015 Edition, highlights a maturing hedge fund industry, with several major trends continuing to evolve as funds become older and larger and institutional investors continue to add assets to the industry. Some interesting points from the report include: The proportion of small […]

29 Jul

Funds of Hedge Funds Outperform Hedge Funds over Last 12 Months, Concentration of Investments Increases

Funds of hedge funds (FoHF) have enjoyed a solid 12 months of performance, outperforming hedge funds on an equal weighted absolute basis, according to eVestment’s just-released semi-annual Funds of Hedge Funds Report. From May 2014 to May 2015, FoHFs saw average returns of 6.65%, vs. hedge fund average returns of 5.84% during the same period. […]

16 Jun

Foundations and Endowments Interest, Investments in Emerging Markets Rising

eVestment’s just-released Foundations & Endowments Report highlights several trends in foundations and endowments investing over the past 10 years, including these investors’ increased interest in emerging markets as they work to protect and grow their assets in service of their missions. Some interesting points from this report include: On a consistent basis, persisting for nearly […]

13 Apr

Alts Funds Assets Under Administration Increase to US $6.862 Trillion in 2014

Alternative investments assets under administration (AUA) rose 16.8% in 2014 compared to 2013, according to eVestment’s latest report, highlighting continued growth in outside administration by these funds and overall growth in the alternative investment industry. According to eVestment’s just-released Alternative Fund Administrator Survey 2015, at the end of 2014, alternative assets under administration (AUA) stood […]