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European asset manager builds a better picture of the competitive landscape

M&G uses eVestment Market Lens to gain a competitive edge
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More granular data for sharper differentiation

A long-established asset manager in Europe with investment capabilities spanning Fixed Income, Equities, Multi-Asset, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Alternatives, M&G already relied on eVestment Omni to build and maintain its brand presence through database marketing. The firm also used eVestment Analytics to research peers, supplementing that data with information downloaded from their public websites. But Dan Feury, Senior Institutional Analyst within the Market Intelligence team at M&G, saw the opportunity to take competitive research and product positioning to a new level with more granular data through eVestment Market Lens.

“Nothing compares to the granular data that Market Lens has.”

Dan Feury, Senior Institutional Analyst

For M&G’s European Credit Investment Fund alone, Market Lens included 215 documents relating to peer managers in the space and 40 actual manager decks from top competitors, at the time of this interview.

Positioning relative to peers

Regardless of size, managers are challenged to develop clearly differentiating narratives about their products. A well-known brand or top-quartile performance is no longer sufficient to attract assets in today’s institutional environment. In some universes, top-quartile managers still face close to 100 competitors with similar returns, so a compelling narrative about what makes their product stand out is critical.

Though M&G was disciplined about researching manager and product narratives in eVestment Analytics and on competitor websites, Feury quickly saw that Market Lens would provide deeper insight into how peers were positioning their products. Based on this next-level competitive intelligence, M&G could then craft product pitches that were different in comparison.

According to Feury, “Market Lens and eVestment Analytics go hand-in-hand,” as sources of both quantitative data and qualitative intelligence. “What really stood out to me was the level of detail that can be gained. You really have the ability to analyze funds at a granular level and develop messaging that sets you apart from peers.”

Consultant ratings and recommendations

Through the intelligence available in Market Lens, M&G also tracks the recommendations consultants are providing to investors, which provides an additional layer of insight into the issues that are top of mind for investors and the guidance their consultants are providing. “Market Lens provides us the ability to understand the views of consultants in far greater detail,” explained Feury. “Not only this, but the platform also allows us to understand the perspectives of investors across the world. This is such valuable insight.”

As part of the Market Intelligence group, Feury and team tailor their Market Lens research to the needs of different internal functions. “Product, Sales and Investments all require different outcomes from the data, and Market Lens allows us to create analyses that add value across a number of internal teams.” Sales may want client rosters for particular managers or, alternatively, manager rosters for particular investors, whereas Marketing may be more interested in competitor pitch decks. Investment teams may want to mine other data, such as consultant outlook reports or capital markets assumptions.

Through Market Lens, Feury’s team is able to research all of these data dimensions and more, enhancing the firm’s ability to drive strategy and tactical execution with documented facts.

“Market Lens helps us understand the evolving stance of specific investors and consultants in critical areas such as ESG.”

Dan Feury, Senior Institutional Analyst

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