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Save time and ensure accuracy while increasing fund exposure

Your team feels the greatest pressure from tight deadlines and high expectations. The amount of opportunities to participate in RFPs and populate multiple databases are almost always greater than the resources at hand. As databases increasingly replace and/or precede RFIs, eVestment provides a global shop window for you to market your funds to institutional investors and consultants worldwide. Save time without sacrificing the consistency and accuracy of your data.


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“eVestment Omni has reduced the amount of time it takes our team to update third-party and consultant databases, allowing us more time to complete client specific, quarterly requests. Omni has also helped us consistently and accurately complete multiple databases with tight time constraints.”

– Database Administrator, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

Increase product visibility

Comprehensively market your products worldwide. Consultants and investors rely on databases to conduct manager research, perform due diligence and monitor managers. Be certain you have populated essential information, allowing you to increase exposure no matter the size of your team.

Ensure accurate, timely and consistent data

Gain confidence that you are working with the same data investors are relying upon. Our team of seasoned experts work with you to identify any issues prior to data submission. By more efficiently populating databases, you will get in front of investors and consultants when they are looking.

Prioritize database updates

Confirm you are providing the right data at the right time for inclusion in screens with database activity trend data. Understand how many screens you pass or fail, as well as the reasons you may have fallen out of a screen. Optimize your database submissions for maximum inclusion.

Save time and resources

Update multiple databases at once through our technology-enabled data population service. Or, if it would make sense for your firm, we can take on the entire task on your behalf. Populating databases more efficiently allows your team to strategically focus on a greater number of growth opportunities.

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