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As a hedge fund manager, you know you have a winning strategy, but standing apart in a crowded market can be challenging. As prospective investors evaluate your fund against other options, it can be difficult to raise capital if you are not able to clearly differentiate your approach and value.

eVestment has become the market intelligence leader for the institutional investment industry. Whether you are just entering the institutional market or seeking to expand efforts, eVestment solutions can help you increase your fund’s visibility to the institutional investment community, further hone your message, and strategically identify opportunities to pursue.


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“We want to make sure we are perceived as responsive to best practices and bringing with us that institutional rigor and quality of transparency. With eVestment, we feel that we’re incorporating some of the best tools available to develop a strong institutional quality methodology across our practices.”

– Hedge Fund Co-Founder, Managing Partner and CEO

Increase Visibility With Investors

Because institutional investors rely on databases to conduct research, perform due diligence and monitor managers, effective participation is essential. Streamline your database population efforts, and ensure that your institutional resume is competitive, consistent and timely across numerous key databases.

Position Effectively

Communicate your fund’s value effectively to investors and consultants – taking into account they are likely evaluating you against other options. Ensure you are tailoring your message appropriately and quantifying your fund’s value utilizing industry standard data and tools.

Understand The Competitive Landscape

From manager-reported performance and narratives, to investor due diligence activity tracked within our platform, to documents and presentations aggregated from the public plan space (including manager pitch books and negotiated fees) – the eVestment intelligence platform truly offers a unique window into the competitive landscape.

Identify Opportunities

Discover where money will be moving across the U.S./U.K. public plan space – staying ahead of competitors and formal RFP announcements – by accessing real-time consultant and manager presentations to investment committees. Prospect potential Fund of Funds to target by screening for lowly-correlated portfolios where you add alpha, and directly quantify your benefit.

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