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Increase viewership and target messaging for institutional investors

As a hedge fund manager, you know you have a winning strategy, but you are up against increased competition from public and private markets. If you can't get in front of the right investors or tailor your message for different investor types, it becomes difficult to raise assets. Whether you are just entering the institutional market or continuing to expand your book of business, eVestment can help you increase your fund's visibility to the institutional investment community and target specific investors.

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“We want to make sure we are perceived as responsive to best practices and bringing with us that institutional rigor and quality of transparency. With eVestment, we feel that we’re incorporating some of the best tools available to develop a strong institutional quality methodology across our practices.”

– Co-Founder, Managing Partner and CEO, BTA Investment Advisors

Efficiently market your funds

Investors rely on the information in databases to conduct research, perform due diligence and monitor managers. Be certain you have populated essential information. Streamline your database population efforts – allowing you to strategically focus on the tasks most critical to your business.

Target messaging by audience

Communicate your strategy appropriately to specific investor types – taking into account that no matter how unique your strategy, your investors are likely evaluating you against other options. Ensure you are tailoring your message and presenting it in the appropriate context.

Create customized materials

Prepare for client meetings by quickly and easily creating customized fact sheets and reports. Since your message will vary depending on who you are talking to, it’s important to be able to compare your fund to the appropriate benchmarks and indices.

Privately distribute data

If you wish to privately share your fund data with potential investors and consultants, we provide a single, secure platform for with targeted distribution options, giving you the ability to provide your fund data only to a pre-approved, select group.

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