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Improve your investor relations through deeper insights and intelligence

Allocations to private markets are rising globally, yet the market is becoming increasingly competitive for private equity managers. Investors are also requesting more detailed information on an ongoing basis and the ability to handle these requests quickly and make effective, data-driven pitches that clearly differentiate your firm is now critical for success.

eVestment provides private equity managers, real estate, debt and infrastructure managers with powerful fund analytics and unique market insights into investor and consultants’ meetings to help you be more prepared than ever for fundraising and ongoing investor relations.

eVestment Wins Drawdown Award

Winner of The Drawdown’s Innovative Technology: GP-LP Relations Award

“By using eVestment TopQ, we managed to successfully run the fundraising process with a small team. It freed up a lot of time on the portfolio analysis work and meant we could spend that saved time on responding to other due diligence questions.”

– Investor Relations Manager, Equistone Partners Europe

eVestment and ILPA announce strategic partnership

Analyze fund performance

Slice and dice performance at both the portfolio company and fund level to enhance your understanding of your firm’s strengths and weaknesses, compare performance to public market indices and better articulate your story to investors for more effective fundraising and investor relations.

Respond to investor requests more efficiently

Ensure your track record is easily accessible to decrease the time it takes to respond to investors’ due diligence questionnaires (DDQs) or internal ad-hoc requests for information. Free up valuable resources once dedicated to performance reporting to spend time on higher value activities instead.

Anticipate future allocations

Keep up to date with U.S. public plan manager searches and presentations. Access actual documents from plans, investment boards and their investment consultants to know what is top of mind and if upcoming searches coincide with your firm’s strategy.

Better understand competitors

Gain insight into how consultants are truly evaluating you and your competitors. Watch actual recordings of your competitors’ pitches to understand the story they’re telling. Find the real fees investors are paying to benchmark your offering.

Secure your data distribution

Ensure all analysis is being carried out on a consistent basis firm-wide and reduce the risk of errors or misreporting to investors. Store your performance data in a centralized, secure repository to prevent the risk of unauthorized access or distribution of your track record.

Create custom reports

Easily export full dashboards of your analysis, or handpick individual graphs and charts, to utilize advanced analytics and data visualization techniques when communicating performance. Exports can be branded with your firm’s color scheme and logo to fit seamlessly into documents and presentations.

Private Markets Alliance

Private Markets Alliance

eVestment has united with leading consultants to drive efficiency and transparency in the private markets due diligence process.

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