Product Strategy

Deliver products that meet institutional market needs

Your team manages the product mix your firm offers to institutional investors. You have to work with your sales, marketing, and RFP teams to ensure products are competitively positioned. You need to know what strategies will be in demand with institutional investors in the future, and know what strategies your competitors are launching. eVestment can help you pinpoint areas for improvement and best position products for future growth, resulting in a clear picture of how to align your resources and capitalize on opportunities.
Product Strategy

“We like to keep our finger on the pulse of the market. So if we know when a specific asset class has experienced net inflows or outflows, that is important data for us to be aware of as we look to manage our products and develop new products.”

– Director of Product Management and Analysis, RBC Global Asset Management

Increase product visibility

Work in tandem with your sales/marketing and database/RFP teams to increase your firm’s exposure to institutional investors. Play to your strengths by understanding the demand for your product lineup and determining the effectiveness of distribution efforts.

Anticipate market demand

Decisions regarding resource allocations is critical. Deciding when or where to launch new products to the marketplace or promote existing products can be a challenge. View which firms, asset classes and universes are experiencing the largest inflows or outflows and identify the best opportunities for growth.

Understand your competition

Leverage insights about activity in the asset classes most relevant to your products to obtain a better understanding of your key competitors. Learn which characteristics are desirable in the products that are successfully raising assets.

Prioritize your efforts

Gain a solid understanding of how to best position specific products.  Investors place greater importance on different characteristics within different universes. Identify areas of improvement across your entire product lineup or highlight products most likely to succeed.

Learn How eVestment Can Help With Strategic Decisions

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