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Stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace

Your team is responsible for selling your firm's strategies to institutional investors across the globe while trying to navigate an ever-changing landscape. Competition is fierce and differentiating your firm from your peers is critical to success. You need a way to know what is top of mind for your prospective clients and what will resonate.

eVestment offers access to data and intelligence so that you can stay informed about changes in your competitive landscape and upcoming public plan searches. Understand global market trends, evaluate how you look compared to their peers, differentiate from your competition and create professional marketing materials.


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“The peer group analysis eVestment provides is key — trying to get information on your competitors is a tricky thing, and this is the best way to get as much information as we can.”

– Head of Consultant Relations, Global Asset Management Firm

Uncover competitive advantages

See your products as consultants and investors see them in the eVestment database. Evaluate how you compare against your peers as well as industry standard benchmarks. Build a better marketing message based on in-depth analysis which uncovers your competitive advantages.

Discover new opportunities

Focus in on what is top of mind for public plans and their consultants right now. Consultants present their asset allocation studies well before “quiet periods” kick in, meaning you can get a head start. This intelligence will help you lead with a conversation you know will resonate.

Analyze institutional flows

Better assess the global market in terms of what types of products are in or out of vogue based on the flow of institutional dollars. See what potential investors/consultants are shopping for and what attributes are driving their decision process.

Demonstrate your added value

Understand your performance in the context of actual holdings. View which of your holdings were top contributors and top detractors to your overall performance. Show investors how your selection, allocation and timing decisions affected performance.

Stay alerted to changes

Get instant insight into significant changes in your competitive landscape, including personnel changes among competitors, notable changes in your competitors’ AUM, momentum increases for your competitors’ products and new competitors who are now selling products in your universe.

Create custom reports

Customize client-ready fact sheets, presentations and reports by dragging and dropping tables, charts and narrative text blocks into one of many layout options in our Design Lab. Choose from a library of your saved or existing templates with the ability to customize and easily export your reports to PDF.

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