Information you can rely on for manager research and due diligence

As a consultant, you need efficient methods to screen, research and monitor managers in order to successfully execute your clients' investment policies. Originally founded by consultants, eVestment continues to partner with our consultant clients to evolve our data input questionnaire and improve our analytics tools. Many of our consultant clients encourage managers to submit data to eVestment to be considered for mandates. Because of this, the eVestment Global Database has become the #1 database to update for asset managers – creating a global network of information which drives efficiency in our industry.

“It was clear early on that eVestment could relate to us because they were in our shoes not too long ago as consultants themselves. It was like eVestment was reading the minds of consulting firms to make the process of gathering institutional investment data easier.”

– CIO, Ellwood Associates

Research and select managers

Screen across thousands of active investment vehicles and source new managers to add to your recommended list for your clients. Gain deeper insight into the true drivers of value to get the information you need for more effective due diligence on behalf of your clients.

Anticipate market trends

Identify which universes and asset classes are experiencing the largest inflows and outflows. Pinpoint managers in your client’s portfolios who are getting attention. If other consultants are also researching particular investment managers, this could indicate future inflows or outflows.

Construct and monitor portfolios

Build actual or hypothetical portfolios for analysis. Create composites that reflect historical allocation changes. Optimize portfolios using tools such as the Markowitz Efficient Frontier allocation model, Monte Carlo simulation, liquidity analysis and returns-based style analysis.

Create custom reports

Create made-to-order reports for your clients, investment committees, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders by dragging and dropping tables, charts and narratives into one of many layout options. Choose from a library of templates with the ability to customize and easily export.

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