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Strengthen your industry research with institutional insights

Whether for capital introduction, equity research or M&A advisory, access to deep, accurate information on the industry is a necessity. You need to predict industry trends before they happen and understand what is really driving asset manager performance. You also need to anticipate which asset classes and geographies will be in demand as you produce research and recommendations to your clients. Leverage eVestment's deep insights on asset managers and institutional investing trends to fill your research gaps and strengthen your position as a trusted advisor.
Investment Bankers

“In terms of having a platform that has a ‘one-stop-shop view’ of where the asset management industry is heading, eVestment is the most comprehensive tool out there.”

– Director, Citi Business Advisory Services

Bolster industry and equity research

Understand the full picture of what is driving industry trends with access to institutional screening activity and asset flows data. Gain insight into a manager’s ability to attract and retain assets, what strategies are driving overall performance and their position in market relative to peer groups.

Improve capital introduction services

Identify and vet potential clients prior to committing – then market their funds more effectively. Gain a more comprehensive view of manager performance by comparing to peers, universes and benchmarks. Assess the level of demand for clients’ strategies through screening and asset flows trends.

Inform M&A recommendations

More easily identify potential buy- and sell-side targets. Gain insight into manager performance compared to peer groups and shifting investor sentiment. Leverage institutional research and investment trends data to better assess managers’ potential growth rates and validate valuation targets.

Create professional reports

Customize client-ready presentations and reports by dragging and dropping tables, charts and narrative text blocks into one of many layout options in our Design Lab. Choose from a library of your saved or existing templates with the ability to customize and easily export your reports to PDF.

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