The intelligence you need for more informed decision-making

You need efficient methods to research, perform due diligence and monitor managers in your quest to deliver returns. You need to know the data you are relying on is accurate and fresh — and represents the best options available worldwide across every asset class, including equity, fixed income, balanced, multi-asset, hedge funds and private markets. Whether you are responsible for a pension plan, endowment, foundation, fund of funds, sovereign wealth fund, insurance plan or a family office, eVestment provides the data, analytics and intelligence you need to make the most informed decisions.


“eVestment is a quick one-stop repository of manager data, which enables me to decide whether the manager is worthy of me taking a meeting.”

– Investment Analyst, Corporate Pension Plan

Research and select managers

Screen across thousands of active investment vehicles using 2,800+ unique characteristics for investments, including qualitative information. Look past the headline numbers and gain deeper insight into the true drivers of value to get the information you need for more effective due diligence.

Anticipate market trends

Identify which universes and asset classes are experiencing the largest inflows and outflows. View flows by geography, by asset class, by investor type and more. Drill down from the universe level down to the strategy level. Pinpoint asset managers in your portfolio who are getting attention.

Construct, monitor and optimize portfolios

Build actual or hypothetical portfolios for use in your analysis and create composites that reflect historical allocation changes. Optimize portfolios using tools such as the Markowitz Efficient Frontier allocation model, Monte Carlo simulation, liquidity analysis and returns-based style analysis.

Assess and manage risk

Customize your risk analysis using tailor-made factor models, risk budgeting, multi-factor regression and user-defined stress tests to create a comprehensive, easy-to-interpret report that breaks down your portfolio’s risk and return components.

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Minimizing Risk Through Effective Monitoring