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As a private markets investor, you face a number of challenges in selecting the funds that will help you meet your return benchmark. Access to transparent, accurate and granular performance information from fund managers is imperative in helping you make effective investment decisions, but can be difficult to obtain and analyze.

eVestment provides private markets investors with the tools needed to help you more effectively access and understand managers. Gain insight into true drivers of managers’ past returns, assess risk and validate future strategy to make manager due diligence more meaningful and robust, and maximize the opportunity for better returns.

eVestment Wins Drawdown Award

Winner of The Drawdown’s Innovative Technology: GP-LP Relations Award

“eVestment TopQ provides a formulaic way to carry out this track record analysis and we can also be sure manager performance comparisons are all on an apples-to-apples basis.”

– Investment Associate, Caltech Investment Office

eVestment and ILPA announce strategic partnership

ILPA members can now gain access to eVestment TopQ at a significant discount

Enhance decision making

Access and calculate accurate, detailed and interactive private markets manager track records to gain deeper insight into performance at the fund and portfolio company level. Use sophisticated analytics to better understand true drivers of value and validate managers’ future strategies.

Free up valuable resources

Slice and dice track records in real-time and easily configure analysis to your needs to make track record analysis more efficient than ever before. Save valuable time during your quantitative due diligence and focus on other important parts of the manager selection process.

Mitigate risk

Ensure you are evaluating managers on a truly like-for-like basis by comparing track records calculated using standardized and consistent methodologies. Utilize web-based analytics to ensure accuracy of analysis, reduce risk in your investment process and give you confidence in your investment decisions.

Widen your due diligence lens

Gain insight into the best practices of top-tier institution and investment consultants’ allocation plans to aid your due diligence approach. Find out how managers are presenting to other investors to better assess their consistency and strategy.

Better negotiate fees

Review documents, fee disclosures, asset allocations and presentations submitted to public plan boards by managers. See what fees other investors are really being charged across the market to help guide your negotiations with prospective fund managers.

Create custom reports

Export full dashboards of performance or handpick graphs and charts to utilize advanced analytics and data visualization techniques when reviewing or distributing performance. Exports can be branded with your institution’s colors and logo to fit seamlessly into documents and presentations.

Private Markets Alliance

Private Markets Alliance

eVestment has united with leading consultants to drive efficiency and transparency in the private markets due diligence process.

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