The Distribution Excellence Framework

A disciplined process key to improved outcomes for institutional asset managers

A robust, data-driven distribution process is increasingly being recognized as a key component to success for institutional asset management firms. eVestment’s five-step Distribution Excellence Framework outlines a strategic approach that can help firms identify and execute on opportunities efficiently and effectively and maximize chances to win new business and retain existing mandates.

Whitepaper: The Distribution Excellence Framework

Download your copy of the Distribution Excellence Framework whitepaper to learn how integration of the five disciplines can yield greater results for asset management firms through better alignment, communication, goal setting and more realistic self-awareness at the firm level.

The Distribution Excellence Video Series

The Distribution Excellence Framework is based on thousands of interactions, manager screens and other data points captured from investors and consultants using eVestment and on eVestment leaders’ discussions with top investors, consultants and asset managers from around the world. In this video series, we dive into each of the five disciplines to learn how to apply them in your workflow.


Part 1: An Introduction to the Distribution Excellence Framework

While distribution excellence is difficult to achieve, it is equally clear that it can create significant success for those firms that adopt a disciplined, integrated approach to distribution.


Part 2: A Comprehensive Look at Planning

Planning is the act of using a data-driven, repeatable process to understand where your firm and your products need to be in the coming years in order to continue to be successful.


Part 3: Building & Measuring Your Presence

Creating the presence you want to project to the marketplace, ensuring you are putting yourself out there in the best possible fashion to reach the most likely buyers.


Part 4: Understanding Your Perception in the Marketplace

Understanding how the marketplace, your clients and your prospects perceive you – and how they perceive your competition – so you know where your strengths and weaknesses are.


Part 5: Intelligently Pursuing the Best Opportunities

The act of allocating resources efficiently through the use of metrics and data to ensure you are pursuing your most valuable and likely opportunities.


Part 6: Differentiating Your Strategies Through Positioning

Positioning is how you differentiate your strategies from your competition in light of what your potential clients find most valuable.

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