Emerging Markets were a Dominant Theme Among eVestment Users in February

08 Mar

Emerging Markets were a Dominant Theme Among eVestment Users in February

In February, emerging markets were of high interests to investors and consultants using eVestment globally, according to the just-released February 2019 eVestment Advantage Viewership Report. Half of the universes of rising interest in February were emerging markets-focused. Additionally, an EM universe – Global Emerging Markets All Cap Core Equity – sat atop the most viewed ranking and GQG’s Emerging Markets Equity was the single most viewed product during the month.

The monthly eVestment Advantage Viewership Report highlights the top asset managers and investment themes of interest to institutional investors and consultants around the world. The report looks at data globally and from various countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe ex-UK, Africa, Japan and Asia ex-Japan. Putting this data into context with global and local political, markets and corporate news can offer a unique perspective into how investors are responding to that news and how they may shift assets or investment strategies over time.

Other interesting trends highlighted in the new report include:

  • Hedge funds have seen elevated interest from the UK & APAC region: The top four universes by rising interest from U.K. investors and consultants in February are all event driven strategies: Event Driven Multi-Strategy, Merger/Risk Arbitrage, Activist, and Special Situations. Interest in York Capital’s namesake LP fund was large enough to push its event driven universe to among the most viewed, globally. Investors and consultants located in Asia ex-Japan showed the greatest new interest in quantitative macro strategies, driven by interest in Systematica’s Risk Premia offering.
  • BlackRock continues to attract the most attention in 2019: For a second consecutive month, BlackRock’s Strategic Income Opportunities product has been the driver for the firm attracting the highest level of attention from investors and consultants on eVestment’s platform. While the majority of the attention for its SIO product is coming from the U.S., the firm has been able to attract attention from other regions with additional offerings, ranking within the Top 10 most viewed firms for Canadian clients (Active Canadian Equity Fund), U.K. clients (Fundamental U.K. Equity +2%), Europe ex-U.K. (Global EM Equity), Asia ex-Japan (International Alpha Tilts), and Australia/NZ (Cash Fund).

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