Equity Strategies Popular in May, UK Looks Global

07 Jun

Equity Strategies Popular in May, UK Looks Global

All 20 of the most popular investment products viewed in May by institutional investment professionals using eVestment were equity focused in May 2017, according to eVestment’s just-released Advantage Investment Viewership Report.

And while users in most of the regions covered in the report looked at a variety of products from a geographic standpoint, UK users had their eyes on the wider world: 19 of the top 20 products viewed by UK users in May had a global focus.

The Advantage Investment Viewership Report, generated through the eVestment Advantage solution, is based on tracking daily eVestment user reviews of investment universes and products on eVestment. The report looks at Global, United States, United Kingdom, Europe ex-UK, Asia-Pacific and Canada profile viewership activity among the investors, consultants and other investment professionals who use eVestment. The report looks at the most popular products and universes overall for the past month and the universes and products that saw the most month-over-month growth in views on the site.

A few other interesting points from the report include:

  • Half of the new entrants into the overall top 20 list of products viewed were US-focused equity. Each product represented a unique universe, from US Small Cap Core to US All Cap Core to all three US Large Cap (Core, Growth, and Value)
  • Fixed income products where of particular interest to Europe ex-UK-based users in May. The asset class comprised nearly half of the top viewed product list and represented just over two-thirds of the top products by month-over-month change in proportion of total views. Strategic Income Management, LLC: SiM High Yield was the top viewed fixed income product for Europe ex-UK-based clients, while AXA Investment Managers: AXA WF Global Credit Bonds experienced the largest month-over-month change in the proportion of views.
  • Overseas China Equity made its way into the top rankings of universes by average reviews per product among both Asia-Pacific-based (APAC) and UK-based clients. The 6-month rolling average of APAC-client views of this universe has been ticking upward since the end of Mar-2017.
  • Canadian universes were among the largest recipients of new viewership among eVestment users based on month-over-month absolute changes in average views per product. Six of the new top universes by month-over-month change in average views per product were Canada-focused: in order, Canadian Large Cap Value Equity, Canadian Income Trusts, Canadian All Cap Core Equity, Canadian Mortgage Fixed Income, Canadian All Cap Value Equity, and Canadian Large Cap Core Equity.

To see lists of the top universes and products overall and those that saw the largest uptick in month over month reviews, please click here.