ACA Fall 2021 Virtual Conference

21 September 2021 — 22 September 2021

Align New Regulatory Priorities with Your Compliance Roadmap

New regulatory leadership is setting new priorities and reinforcing others. Compliance, risk, performance, and technology leadership are constantly challenged to keep pace with the ever-evolving regulatory changes while finding their way through the pressures of geopolitical threats, economic crises, and third-party risks.

The conference will explore what regulatory priorities, emerging risks, and industry trends lie ahead for the savvy compliance and risk professional and how to enhance your compliance program, thoughtfully prioritize your budget, and successfully navigate the new regulatory landscape.

John Molesphini, Nasdaq’s Investment Intelligence Global Head of Insights, will be a panelist during the Performance Hot Topics and Trends session on September 21 at 2pm ET. The panelists will explore hot topics and trends across the industry as it relates to performance. Current trends include recent RFP requirements for GIPS® compliance, the CFA Institute’s move toward a new set of GIPS® standards for OCIOs in the U.S., and alternative managers’ move to calculate private fund returns in accordance with the GIPS® standards. Additional trends include continuing shifts toward one GIPS® global firm definition for large global firms and the subsequent downstream implications, and the trend towards showing model performance on platforms (rather than actual). Our expert panel will also field any questions from the audience related to these trends.

Session details:

Performance Hot Topics and Trends
Date: September 21
Time: 2:00 PM-2:50 PM ET

John Molesphini
Global Head of Insights
Investment Intelligence