Emerging Manager Connect
12 May 2021
9:30 am — 2:00 pm

To compete for mandates and win assets, emerging managers may have brand challenges because they’re new to the institutional market. That’s why a strong database marketing strategy is so critical, but many emerging managers are unsure how to get started.

Emerging Manager Connect is designed exclusively for smaller managers who want to understand:

  • Trends in the institutional market
  • What consultants expect from emerging managers – and how the pandemic has altered expectations
  • The criteria consultants use to diligence managers in databases
  • How emerging managers can communicate their approaches to ESG and D&I through database marketing

During this event, managers will have the opportunity to secure private 1:1 meetings with our consultant and manager-of-manager guests. You must register by 22 April 2021 to be included in the selection process.

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