Consultant Relations Best Practices Webcast Series

Part 1: Using Data For Targeted Consultant Outreach

(< 10 min) Part 1 of this best-practices series looks at current data on the institutional landscape and why understanding the consultant perspective is essential for winning and retaining assets in the space. It also reviews how data-forward managers map out areas of business opportunity, then presents a best-practices framework for consultant outreach that works for both extensive and more limited product line-ups. Finally, it demonstrates how easy-to-use filters in eVestment can quickly surface the data needed to develop a targeted, timely consultant outreach plan.

Part 2: Using Data to Prepare for Consultant Meetings

(< 10 min) Part 2 of this best-practices series looks at current research into consultant meetings – when they are most productive and topics most likely to come up. Based on that data, it presents a best-practices framework for planning consultant meetings to ensure that the cross-functional asset manager team is aligned and prepared. Finally, it demonstrates how specific data points in eVestment are used in the planning process to develop meeting agendas that speak to the consultant’s perspective.

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