eVestment Celebrates First Anniversary of Joining Nasdaq

23 Oct

eVestment Celebrates First Anniversary of Joining Nasdaq

October 23 marked the one-year anniversary of eVestment joining the Nasdaq family.

Interest in eVestment started as Nasdaq began to pursue strategic growth opportunities in the data space. A trusted name in data outside of Nasdaq’s traditional areas, eVestment got on Nasdaq’s radar quickly. Since bringing the companies together, Nasdaq has been able to strengthen its offering for the buy-side and broaden its client reach into the global asset management industry—truly a win/win.

Nasdaq offered a great home for eVestment for several reasons. There were a lot of cultural similarities between the companies in terms of focusing on innovation, excellence, integrity and employee satisfaction. Nasdaq also offered opportunities to expand eVestment’s growth into new regions that were important for both parties, including the Nordic countries, Asia Pacific and Australia. And finally, there were considerable synergies in our businesses, but not too much overlap, which created many opportunities for growth and expansion and career growth for eVestment employees.

While eVestment has continued to operate as an independent company within the Nasdaq family, collaborative efforts with Nasdaq’s Global Information Service group, of which eVestment is a part, include sharing sales leads across both companies, having integrated meetings when necessary and consolidating offices in London, Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo.

Both companies also share information/news across internal channels (email/intranet stories) and on Nasdaq and eVestment social media outlets. The team will continue to work together to find new ways to collaborate—like they did this past summer with the addition of an eVestment ESG dataset to the Analytics Hub offering.

“Over this past year, the team has demonstrated their ability to partner across the board to create new solutions, as well as expand distribution to better support the asset management community,” noted Bjorn Sibbern, EVP, Global Information Services. “We are confident that we’ll continue to learn from one another and bring added value to our organizations and global clients.”

Check out photos below to see how Nasdaq and eVestment colleagues celebrated the one-year anniversary.