eVestment Piloting a Dedicated Salesforce App

09 Nov

eVestment Piloting a Dedicated Salesforce App

If you regularly use Salesforce in your everyday workflow, we have some exciting news to share. We’re piloting a version of eVestment that can be accessed directly from within Salesforce. This out-of-the-box app requires no integration or custom mapping, which keeps implementation simple.

The app will allow you to access eVestment functionality from Salesforce, allowing you to get eVestment content to multiple users across your organization with ease – and in the platform they are already using.

Interested in trying out eVestment for Salesforce?

In this pilot, you will be able to:

  • Search for and review manager profiles.
  • Attach eVestment reports and profiles to Salesforce account, lead and/or opportunity records.
  • Stay informed about the most recent and relevant activity happening in your universe and among your closest competitors, as well as key changes in your own firm’s products.
  • Gain insight into the competitive landscape, revealing opportunities for conversation-starters with prospects.
  • Quickly compare products across the most commonly used metrics.

This is just the initial phase of our eVestment for Salesforce app and we will be continuing to develop it. Please reach out to let us know what additional functionality you would like to see in the future.

eVestment for Salesforce FAQs

A: No custom configuration is needed. The plugin can be fully installed by your firm’s Salesforce administrator in under an hour.

A: To use the eVestment Salesforce app, all users will need to have an existing eVestment account with a corresponding username & password.

A: Yes, Single Sign-On functionality is included. Users will be able to take advantage of this functionality as long as they have an actively licensed eVestment account with a matching email address between Salesforce and their eVestment account.

A: The eVestment Salesforce application will not be able to modify any existing CRM data aside from the single function of being able to attach links to Salesforce records, which when clicked will redirect authenticated users back to the source content in the eVestment Salesforce app. The attached links may also include optional user-entered notes.

A: There is not currently an eVestment API. If this is something you are interested in please contact the eVestment Product Development team at labs@evestment.com to share your feedback for this future enhancement.

A: Please contact the eVestment Product Development team at labs@evestment.com.