eVestment Uncovers September’s Top Investment Firms, Strategies, Asset Classes

05 Oct

eVestment Uncovers September’s Top Investment Firms, Strategies, Asset Classes

Understanding the firms, their products and strategy universes of greatest and rising interest among global institutional investment professionals is a unique advantage for asset managers, and an intriguing view into regional peer preferences for investors and consultants.

The monthly eVestment Advantage Viewership Report highlights the top asset managers, products and asset classes of interest to institutional investors and consultants around the world. The report looks at data globally and from various countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe ex-UK, Middle East, Japan and Asia ex-Japan. Putting this data into context with global and local political, markets and corporate news can offer a media organizations a unique perspective into how institutional investment influencers are responding to that news and how they may shift assets or investment strategies over time.

Key trends uncovered in September’s data include:

  • Canadian equity universes are on the rise. Four of the top 10, including the top two, universes showing the most rising interest from global institutional investors and consultants in September were focused on Canadian equities, including Large Cap Core, All Cap Core, Small Cap and All Cap Value. The universes’ rising products were managed by Fiera Capital Corporation; Connor, Clarke & Lunn Investment Management; Barrantagh Investment Management; and Letko, Brosseau & Assiociates Inc, respectively. Canada-based users were responsible for over 90% of the views to products in these universes. Infrastructure and Global All Cap Core Equity, two of the other top rising universes, had more balanced user viewership distribution across countries/regions.
  • Real Estate equity products are a focus in Europe ex-UK. Investors and consultants on the European continent pushed Global REIT to the top of the most viewed universe list, with five of the top 10 most viewed products hailing from within this universe as well: Duff & Phelps’ Global Real Estate Securities, BlackRock’s World RE Securities, DWS Group’s Global RE Securities Strategy, CenterSquare’s Global RE Securities and Cohen & Steers’ Global RE Securities. All but Cohen & Steers’ Global RE Securities strategies were on the top rising products list as well.
  • BlackRock and Fiera Capital Corporation dominate Asia ex-Japan’s most viewed products and rising products lists. Strategies from these two firms made up nine of the top 10 products across both lists. BlackRock’s Japan Alpha Tilts Fund and Fiera Capital Corporation’s Global Equity Focused were the firms’ most examined strategies.

To download a full copy of the report, please click here. You can also download all of eVestment’s institutional investment research reports here.