Five Ways to Capitalize on Valuable Intelligence

09 Apr

Five Ways to Capitalize on Valuable Intelligence

eVestment Market Lens gives clients access to over 46,000 searchable documents from U.S., U.K. and Canadian pensions, including fee disclosures, board materials/videos, meeting notes and minutes, annual reports, asset manager presentations, asset allocation documents and investment policies.

This wealth of information is like having a seat at the boardroom table. How can you best take advantage of this knowledge? We’ve prepared five tips on getting the most out of your Market Lens subscription.

1. Prospecting

Watch recordings of board meetings to understand what plans are thinking – long before an official search is announced. Consultants present their asset allocation studies well before “quiet periods” kick in, meaning you can get a head start. Search through meeting minutes, audio recordings, videos and presentation decks that capture entire board meetings.

Asset managers can focus in on what is top of mind for plans and their consultants right now. This intelligence will help you lead with a conversation you know will resonate. Know for sure when you are being short-listed. Search for mentions of your firm’s name, strategies or portfolio managers in plan or consultant documents. Quickly identify plans that invest in your space and view their allocations – especially useful for hedge fund and emerging managers.

Consultants can identify plans that have an upcoming consultant search or rebid opportunity. Evaluate other consultant presentations – their client might be open to hearing from you.

2. Differentiating

Watch or flip through competitor presentations to understand the story they are telling. Compare your presentations to those and see how you stack up. Does your story spend a lot of time on the same points your competitors are making or are you saying something that stands out?

Learn what is being said after you leave the room. Watch yourself or your competitors present, then hear the comments. Understand how plans and consultants are differentiating between competing strategies or between other consultants.

What are the winners doing that you could emulate? See how the most successful managers pitch their strategies and win assets. What are other consultants recommending and how can you provide a deeper level of insight?

3. Negotiating

Managers can go beyond the rack rates to understand what plans are actually paying in the markets where you compete. Board presentations and consultant documents often list actual, negotiated fees.

Investors and consultants can compare quoted fees to gauge room for further negotiation. How much money can you save your clients?

4. Understanding

Asset managers can monitor mentions of your firm, strategies or PMs in client and consultant documents to know when concerns arise so you can address them. Monitor your clients and their consultants to stay abreast of evolutions in their thinking or allocation models.

Considering allocating to a new asset class? Investors can review consultant recommendations reports to fast-track learning or assess what peers are doing in similar spaces.

5. Evaluating

Finding opportunities among public plans is just one way our clients use Market Lens. Set up customized alerts about not only the plans, but also the geographies, consultants or asset classes you care about or want to monitor. Information is updated every day. A listing of the most popular documents is emailed out weekly.

The key value for most managers is competitive intelligence: knowing how competitors pitch their products; knowing how consultants differentiate (or don’t differentiate) between you and your competitors and knowing the fees investors are really paying in your space.

For our consultant clients, reviewing manager presentation adds another dimension to your research. Which managers are able to engage clients with clear, compelling presentations? Coach your managers – what could they have done better in the presentation or been better prepared?

Investors can also better evaluate the service they are getting from their consultants. Does every presentation include the same boilerplate information or updates specific to your situation? When considering when to engage a new consultant, how are they advising their other clients? Determine whether you like the level of clarity and detail you see.

Not yet a client? Contact us today to learn more about Market Lens and get started on applying valuable industry intelligence.