Data Contributors and GDPR: Frequently Asked Questions

Many professional firms voluntarily provide data to eVestment for inclusion in our databases and other data products pursuant to a data input agreement between the firm and eVestment. This data may include personal data, which we process in accordance with the data input agreement.

Q. My employer contributes data to eVestment. Does eVestment process my personal data?

A. If your employer contributes data to eVestment and wants your name and professional information included in our databases and other data products, then someone at your firm may have provided eVestment with your personal data. If your personal data has been contributed to eVestment by your employer, then we do process your personal data. With respect to privacy laws, your employer is the “controller” of the data, and eVestment acts as a processor on its behalf.

Q. What kind of personal data does eVestment process for these purposes?

A. eVestment processes the personal data that professional firms provide for inclusion in our databases and other data products. This is limited to information related to professional activities, such as an individual’s name, role, business contact information, employment status, career history, academic background and professional credentials.

Q: Who does eVestment share contributed personal data with?

A: eVestment uses hosted solutions to store and process this personal data. The personal data may also be provided to our affiliates, our partners and subscribers of our data solutions. Our subscribers include, among others, investment consulting firms, plan sponsors/pension funds, financial advisors, fund managers, investment banks, educational institutions, sovereign wealth funds and publications.

Q. I would like to understand if my personal data is processed by eVestment. What can I do?

A: We recommend you reach out to your employer, as they are the controller of your data. If you reach out to eVestment directly, we will refer your request to your employer.