Geographic Diversity Rules on eVestment Top Rankings in July

09 Aug

Geographic Diversity Rules on eVestment Top Rankings in July

eVestment users’ screening activity in July showed an eagerness to look far and wide for opportunities. The most reviewed products list, and the list of products with the largest month-over-month increase in reviews, show user interests in strategies with geographic focuses that were literally all over the map, according to the latest eVestment Advantage viewership data.

July’s lists included strategies focused on the United States, global markets, global emerging markets, ACWI, ACWI ex-US, Canada, EAFE and Latin America, indicating investors may be casting a wider net for strategies in today’s market.

The Advantage investment viewership data is generated through the eVestment Advantage solution and based on tracking daily eVestment user reviews of investment universes and products on eVestment. The report looks at Global, United States, United Kingdom, Europe ex-UK, Asia-Pacific and Canada profile viewership activity among the investors, consultants and other investment professionals who use eVestment. The report looks at the most popular products and universes overall for the past month and the universes and products that saw the most month-over-month growth in views on the site.

Other interesting points from the latest report include:

  • The top 3 universes by average views per product were the same for June and July, and all 3 were non-US focused: in descending order, (1) ACWI ex-US All Cap Growth Equity, (2) Emerging Mkts All Cap Growth Equity, (3) EAFE All Cap Value Equity.
  • eVestment users located in Europe ex-UK reshuffled their top viewed products list from a geographical and asset class perspective. Whereas 70% of the strategies in June’s list had a global equity bend, July’s list consisted of over 50% US-focused strategies, only one of which was not fixed income. Additionally, Europe ex-UK clients had far more churn than clients located in the other regions; only one product from the top 20 in June made it into July’s list (DSM Capital Partners LLC: DSM Global Growth Equity).
  • APAC clients showed more interest in universes concentrating within their backyards. In June, only two universes with products focusing on APAC (both Japan-focused) were in the top 20 most viewed universe list (by average reviews per product), but in July there were five: in descending order, (1) Pac-Basin ex-Japan All Cap Core Equity, (2) Pacific Basin Large Cap Equity, (3) Australian Equity Shares – Long Only, (4) Asia ex-Japan Large Cap Equity, (5) Asia ex-Japan All Cap Value Equity.

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