Institutional Investment AUM Rises

29 Nov

Institutional Investment AUM Rises

Asset managers reported long-only institutional assets under management of $26.5 trillion to eVestment at the end of Q3 2017, up from $25.0 trillion one year ago, according to the just-released eVestment 3Q 2017 Traditional Asset Flows Report.

The quarterly report looks at institutional investment asset flows around the world across strategies and geographies based on data reported to eVestment by institutional asset managers.

Some interesting points from the latest report include:

  • Long-only fixed income managers again saw large net allocations, +$186.2 billion during the third quarter. Fixed income flows were also widespread geographically. Managers reported +$83.2 billion in net flows for U.S. fixed income, +$45.3 billion for global fixed income, and +$11.8 billion for emerging markets fixed income in Q3 2017.
  • Long-only equity managers had a different story to tell, with total outflows of -$103.5 billion during the quarter. U.S. equity managers accounted for -$96.3 billion of outflows and global equity managers saw net redemptions of -$15.0 billion.
  • Long-only equity managers again reported net redemptions from U.K. domiciled investors with Q3 2017 net outflows of -$2.6 billion from U.K. equity, -$4.5 billion from global equity, and -$2.2 billion from U.S. equity strategies.
  • K. investors have now registered five consecutive quarters of net inflows toward global multi-asset strategies, +$1.9 billion in 3Q ’17 and +$12.1 billion during the past five quarters.
  • Europe ex-U.K. domiciled investors were again net allocators to a broad range of universes. During Q3 2017, flows were greatest to global fixed income (+$33.4 billion), emerging markets fixed income (+$7.4 billion), and European fixed income (+$6.9 billion).

To download a copy of the report, please click here.