Streamline manager risk monitoring with industry-leading operational due diligence

At a time when operational transparency is more critical than ever, institutional investors are looking for solutions to help them conduct comprehensive due diligence while saving time to focus on core business functions. That’s why eVestment has partnered with Aon, a leading global professional services firm, to provide Operational Due Diligence (ODD) research through eVestment.

Aon ODD Research

Operational Diligence: Due for a Change?

The world has changed since dedicated operational due diligence has become commonplace for institutional investors… Has the discipline kept pace?

Use ODD Research to:

Consider a broad range of operational risk factors

Most investors receive regular reports from managers that would alert them to investment risk, but it’s harder to know about firm, personnel or operational risk. Having independent data for identifying and quantifying a range of potential risks is a key part of holding managers accountable. A comprehensive risk management process is not complete without ODD information to help ensure the business managing the assets can be trusted to do so without introducing unnecessary operational risks.

Access the latest data and operational analytics

Aon assesses hundreds of risk factors as part of its operational due diligence and operational monitoring process and is working with eVestment to scale coverage in its Operational Risk IQ database with the latest data on how investment managers control potential business risks.

Save time and resources

Comprehensive ODD can be a resource-intensive process, requiring data collection and analysis from managers that covers areas including risk controls, service providers, financial controls and operations, compliance procedures, liquidity management, asset custody, internal systems, governance and more. By providing a range of operational data, reporting and analytics, this service can help you optimize resources and focus on core business functions.

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Podcast: How Aon Approaches Operational Due Diligence

In this episode of The Source, eVestment’s podcast covering trends and insights in institutional investing, we’re joined by Rian Akey, Global Head of Operational Risk Solutions for Aon, to talk about their ODD IQ solutions and how they approach operational due diligence.

Streamline manager risk monitoring.

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