Brand Awareness Rankings: Q3 2021

Released October 2021

Brand awareness is an important factor in the growth and long-term success of asset managers seeking to raise institutional assets. Brand awareness simultaneously addresses the questions of how willing asset owners and consultants are to turn to your firm and how interested they are in your various offerings. Awareness is an early stage in an asset owner’s path to successfully completing a mandate. Furthermore, it can impact asset owners’ decisions to maintain allocations and consultants’ desire to continue recommending managers.

In this report, an update of brand awareness scores for Q3 2021, we provide the metrics involved in determining brand awareness scores, show the Top 20 firms ranked by their brand awareness scores across multiple categories – including changes in scores from the prior quarter. We’ll also highlight firms who consistently ranked high across multiple categories in Q3 and are “brand awareness leaders.” Lastly, we illustrate the relationship between effective data population and brand awareness scores.

Q3 2021 Highlights:

Wellington ranked within the Top 20 on eight different consultant brand awareness lists in Q3, thereby surpassing BlackRock for the top position on the Industry Leaders list among consultants. Wellington appeared in the Top 20 in two new categories, Top Alternatives/HF and Top Balanced/Multi-Asset, while BlackRock appeared in one new consultant Top 20 list – Top Firms by Brand Awareness among APAC Consultants. BlackRock had been atop the Industry Leader list for consultants in both Q1 and Q2 2021.

Only five firms had average brand awareness scores of 10 (the highest score possible) for each of the Top 20 lists they appeared in during the quarter, including Lazard, MFS and Vanguard among consultants, and T. Rowe Price and Baillie Gifford for asset owners. T. Rowe Price’s average score of 10 consisted of seven different rankings, the most list appearances of any of these five.

Consultants’ interactions with large firms produced very consistent brand awareness rankings from Q2 to Q3, with only one new entrant cracking the Top 20. Loomis, Sayles & Company replaced Schroder Investment Management, which was itself a new entrant in the prior quarter. RBC Global, one of the other new entrants to the Top 20 for Large Firms in the prior quarter (increasing its score from 7 to 10) was able to maintain the same high brand awareness score in Q3.

From a regional perspective, EMEA-based asset owners appear to interact more with domestic firms than the regions’ consultants. Firms from five different European countries were among the asset owners’ Top 20 list, while firms from only two countries were in the consultants Top 20 list.