Brand Awareness Rankings: Q1 2021

Released May 2021

Brand awareness is an important factor in the growth and long-term success of asset managers seeking to raise institutional assets. Brand awareness simultaneously addresses the questions of how willing asset owners and consultants are to turn to your firm and how interested they are in your various offerings. Awareness is an early stage in an asset owner’s path to successfully completing a mandate. Furthermore, it can impact asset owners’ decisions to maintain allocations and consultants’ desire to continue recommending managers.

In this report, we’ll discuss the metrics involved in determining brand awareness scores, show the Top 20 firms ranked by their brand awareness scores across multiple categories – including changes in position from 2020. We’ll also highlight firms who consistently ranked high across multiple category and are “brand awareness leaders.” Lastly, we will illustrate the relationship between effective data population and brand awareness scores.

Q1 2021 Highlights:

BlackRock and Wellington consistently had either the highest, or among the highest brand awareness scores across the most categories for consultants and asset owners, respectively. The consistent breadth and depth of interest in their products places them at the very top of our overall Brand Leaders rankings at the start of 2021.

Brand awareness can vary meaningfully by region. Among the five firms with the highest brand awareness scores from asset owners based in EMEA, only one was within the Top 20 rankings for asset owners in the Americas (MFS Investment Management).

Bridgewater and AQR had the highest brand awareness scores for firms’ hedge fund/alternatives offerings for consultants and asset owners, respectively, though Bridgewater also ranked very high among asset owners.

There appears to be a relationship between brand awareness scores and a willingness to share details about their firm and individual products. Across multiple firm- or product-level segments, firms who provided more complete information tended to have high brand awareness scores.