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Quarterly Institutional Intelligence Report

eVestment’s unique position as a data-driven source of intelligence serving institutional asset managers, investors and their consultants globally provides us the ability to produce a holistic view of the themes, trends and trend shifts impacting asset managers around the world. Our Quarterly Institutional Intelligence Report is now released. Download your copy >

With U.K. Superfunds on the rise, here’s how asset managers can increase competitive intelligence

As the UK market fast approaches the planned consolidation of defined benefit (DB) pension funds, institutional asset managers are getting their houses in order to compete for significant assets. Read the article >

U.S. bond managers biggest beneficiaries of Q3 traditional asset flows

Long only asset managers reported Q3 2020 institutional assets under management of $30.0 trillion to eVestment at time of publication. Net institutional flows totaled -$23.2 billion in the most recent quarter and -$59.9 billion over the last four quarters. Read the article >

U.K. Pensions must be prepared for climate risk reporting

The Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) has outlined that the 100 largest workplace pension schemes in the UK will be required to publish climate risk disclosures by the end of 2022. Read the article >

Legacy to Agile: A Case Study in Data Innovation at UC Investments

Rapid transformation within a pension fund is complex and some believe unattainable. UC Investments and Solovis came together to prove otherwise. Together, they were able to transition from legacy technologies that suited the past to a more holistic and agile platform, powered by Solovis, that will meet current and future demands of managing a $125 billion pension and endowment.

In the whitepaper, “Legacy to Agile: A Case Study in Data Innovation at UC Investments,” we explore the lessons learned undertaking a technology, data and process transformation journey and uncover how innovation can be achieved relatively quickly, even within the largest institutions. Download your copy >

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