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21 MAY 2020

30-day look: Universes with the highest win rates

Every quarter, investors around the world move trillions of dollars across asset classes and regions. Support your long-term strategy by quantifying this momentum and ensure your firm is best positioned to capture those assets in the future. We list the top universes with the highest win rates over the past 30 days. View list >

20 MAY 2020

Identifying opportunities amid uncertainty: Today's current and potential public plan searches

The recent market volatility has made meaningful impacts on public plan portfolios. While public pensions have undertaken a variety of responses, one area (where managers are most keen) is in the pace and direction of new mandates. We highlight the areas where ongoing and potential searches are most prevalent. Read article >

19 MAY 2020

Three ways public plans responded to outsized market volatility in the wake of COVID-19

The market drawdown, brought on by the rapid global spread of COVID-19 and the demand and supply crunch in oil markets, has forced investors to more closely scrutinize their portfolios and monitor their external managers. We look at three different responses from public pensions in the wake of COVID-19, excerpting from documents found on our Market Lens platform. Read article >

18 MAY 2020

Markets update: A return to normal? Not so fast...

There are more signs of markets and trading returning to normal. However, as we start to open up economies around the world while still waiting for vaccines and treatments, there is downside risk to the markets. Nasdaq Chief Economist Phil Mackintosh takes a look. Read article >