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New Research Report

The State of Institutional Fees

Comparing fees across strategies and regions is not a simple task. eVestment’s State of Institutional Fees report organizes management fee data, exploring the current landscape of separate account fees and the differences in actual fees paid by public plan investors versus managers’ stated fees across multiple structures. Download your copy >


What is the value of market fragmentation?

(4 min read) With 13 exchanges currently and three more on the way, it’s an interesting time to ask, “How much does fragmentation benefit investors?” The answer is: Less than you might expect. Nasdaq Chief Economist Phil Mackintosh takes a look. Read the full article >

Top viewed strategies and universes in July 2020

We track institutional investor and consultant activity on the eVestment platform to uncover trends about universes and strategies. This viewership activity can be used as a leading indicator of future flows (both inflows and outflows). Click to view each list below.

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  10. LACERS – Business Initiatives & Searches Update