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Capital Market Assumptions Key Findings

As institutional investors periodically review their asset allocations, they typically begin with capital market assumptions (CMAs) for each asset class and strategy in their portfolios. eVestment’s 2020 Capital Market Assumptions Report reviews CMAs from 11 different consultants spanning two years and takes a closer look at their outlooks across various asset classes entering 2020.

In this 15-minute webcast, eVestment’s Rich Donnellan and Russ Elliott walk through some of the key findings from the report. Watch now >


eVestment and Assette team up to bring better data integration to asset management firms

New partnership will help asset managers integrate peer performance, key professional, fees and other data seamlessly into client and sales communications. A pre-built connector pulls quantitative and qualitative data from eVestment directly into the Assette platform. Read the full article >

How to find the right OCIO partner

Each institutional investors’ investment objectives are unique, and finding the right OCIO partner who understands and can help reach them requires extensive research and due diligence. That’s why Nasdaq has partnered with Alpha Capital Management to deliver the industry’s first suite of OCIO indices. Read the full article >


The state of opportunity in U.S. high yield fixed income amidst market volatility

Since 2005, the greatest expansion for U.S. high yield strategies came in the wake of the global financial crisis. If this segment is going to recover from its multi-year contraction, now would appear to be the most likely time for it to begin. Read the full article >

ETFs thrive in a COVID world

As volumes and volatility spiked during the height of the COVID selloff, ETFs reached over 40% of total market value traded. But other data suggests ETF trading affects underlying stocks a lot less than you’d expect. Nasdaq Chief Economist Phil Mackintosh takes a look. Read the full article >