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Podcast: Approaching ESG Investing with Dennis Hammond of Veriti

In this episode of The Source podcast, we are joined by industry veteran Dennis Hammond, Head of Institutional Investments at Veriti Management, to discuss how Veriti consults on ESG investing with their clients. Listen now (25 mins) >

Amidst a down month, Canadian and Australian equity strategies outperform

September was a down month for most benchmarks in our analysis – only 17 of the 135 benchmarks we used to compare active manager performance finished in the black. Yet despite the difficult month, in 100 out of 166 equity and fixed income universes we examined, over 50% of the active managers still outperformed their benchmarks. View the full analysis >

Top viewed strategies in Sept 2020


  1. GQG Partners Emerging Markets Equity
  2. Mawer Investment Management Global Equity
  3. Polen Capital Management Focus Growth
  4. Aristotle Capital Management Value Equity
  5. Baillie Gifford Long Term Global Growth

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Fixed Income:

  1. 1167 Capital Active Funds ICAV – Global High Income Bond Fund
  2. Dodge & Cox Core Fixed Income
  3. Brandywine Global Opportunistic Fixed Income
  4. Garcia Hamilton & Associates Fixed Income – Aggregate
  5. PIMCO Income Strategy

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Market Lens

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  5. Iowa PERS – Opportunistic Private Debt RFP
  6. LACERA – Real Assets & Inflation Hedges Review
  7. Montana – Asset Allocation & Investment Policy Statement
  8. LACERA, Meketa – Evaluating a Climate Aware Asset Allocation
  9. Louisiana ERS, NEPC – Asset Allocation Discussion
  10. Oakland County, AndCo – Multisector FI Manager Search Analysis