Institutional Trends Quarterly Webcast: May 2021

Thank you to Marquette Associates

Nat Kellogg, President & Director of Manager Search at Marquette Associates, provides the commentary for this quarter’s briefing. As president, Nat assists the executive committee in managing day-to-day activities critical to executing the firm’s strategic plan, maintaining a positive culture, and executing on strategies to improve client results. He is a member of the firm’s investment committee, sustainable investing group, OCIO committee, healthcare committee, and alternative manager search committee and chairs the firm’s traditional investment manager search committee.


About the data underlying these trends: See slide 4

Asset flows by world region – Q1
[3.21 – 11.06] Flows data; Marquette Associates commentary – see slides 5-9

Areas of investor interest – Q1
[11.12 – 23.25] Interest in major universes by investor domicile; universes most viewed by investors; universes with largest increases in investor interest; dispersion of outperformance in major universes; what Marquette Associates hears from clients – see slides 10-15

Areas of opportunity and potential risk
[23.40 – 30.38] Watchlist trends through the COVID pandemic; implied future flows based on current under- and over-weights in US public plans; breakdown by asset class of mandates completed in Q1 and those still open as of April 25; Marquette Associates commentary – see slides 16-19

[30.40 – 38.19] ESG product launches; ESG peer universes; flows into dedicated ESG products; rapid increase in investor research of ESG products; global equity flows v. flows into ESG-focused global equity; Marquette Associates commentary – see slides 20-23


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