Are your research files a jumbled mess?

Intellectual capital sets you apart — but only if you can find it.

Say goodbye to your chaotic S-Drive. eVestment Research Management centralizes your manager research – from meeting notes and emails to performance reports and analyst assessments. A simple search pulls up all your intellectual property on a given topic, asset class or manager. And automation allows you to track review workflows and deadlines, all with an audit trail.


Shared folders

  • Flat structure with search in one folder at a time
  • IP dispersed across folders, drives, sites and even individual laptops
  • No audit trail or tracking
  • IP is lost when analysts leave


Operational Efficiency

  • Multidimensional structure that allows search across many attributes
  • IP is centralized in one place
  • Auditing and tracking
  • Firm IP is preserved

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Say goodbye to your S-Drive

Centralize your manager research with eVestment Research Management.