eVestment TopQ

Easily identify private equity fund outperformance relative to public markets with TopQ's PME functionality

eVestment TopQ, a web-based private markets fund analytics solution, includes powerful Public Market Equivalent calculation functionality to enable you to easily, accurately and efficiently compare the returns of private equity funds to a range indices. Upload manager cash flow data to TopQ and all calculations are carried out within the application, ensuring consistent accuracy and confidence in the output. Performance can also be benchmarked to indices at a gross or net level to view the impact of fees and expenses on returns. Learn more about the functionality below.

Choose Your Methodology

TopQ’s PME functionality enables you to calculate public market equivalents using a variety of methodologies. Choose whichever methodologies are most important to you. Options include:

  • Kaplan Schoar (PME Ratio)
  • Long-Nickels (PME)
  • Modified IRR

Choose Your Most Relevant Benchmark

Compare performance to any of the 200,000 public market indices available, or an absolute return figure of your choosing. Filter track records or portfolios by sector, geography and more to compare against specific indices for more accurate performance benchmarking.

Save Valuable Time and Resource

Calculations are carried out in real-time to instantly give you the information you need. Export results in a variety of formats to include into reports or documentation.

Interested in finding out more?

Speak to us today to find out more about how eVestment TopQ’s full suite of functionality can help you make track record analysis more efficient, accurate and meaningful.

“TopQ provides a formulaic way to carry out this track record analysis and we can also be sure manager performance comparisons are all on an apples-to-apples basis. It provides me with comfort on the cleanliness of the data and is a product that makes our process more robust.”

Private Equity Investment Associate,
Caltech Investment Office

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