What is eVestment Research Management System?

RMS is purpose-built for manager research, designed by institutional consultants.

eVestment Research Management centralizes your research content, from meeting notes and emails to performance reports and analyst assessments. A simple search pulls up all your intellectual property on a given topic, asset class or manager and automation allows you to track and approve workflows and deadlines – all with an audit trail.

Efficiencies with Research Management

All your manager research is stored in one place

Research assets are tagged so they’re searchable in multiple ways

Analysts and approvers are automatically notified when they need to do something

Why you need a Research Management solution, not a CRM

You need a way to manage information on contacts and connect that data to documents and notes. The type of software that does that is a Research Management System, or RMS. The RMS platform is not to be confused with a Customer Relationship Management system or CRM, which also manages contact information but is specifically designed to track customers through the sales life cycle. Similarly, RMS is not a platform for securities research or portfolio management; nor is it an automated bot.

It’s not a client relationship management (CRM) tool

It’s not a platform for securities research or portfolio management

It’s not a bot that automatically evaluates managers

Don’t settle for a duct-taped solution by attempting to retrofit an existing platform for research management use. eVestment RMS is the purpose-built platform you need to achieve operational efficiency. Request a tour today.

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Store, organize and track all your manager research with eVestment Research Management.