Asset managers with <$1B in AUM, ranked by brand awareness
4 September 2020
Brand awareness quantifies the extent to which investors and consultants are aware of your firm and institutional products. This calculation factors in consultant reviews, investor and consultant research activity and the global movement of institutional assets.

How aware are investors and consultants of your firm and institutional products? Brand awareness tells you. It is a forward-looking metric that helps you understand whether you are well-positioned to gain assets in the future or need to re-strategize to compete for mandates. Firms with higher brand awareness experience larger institutional flows the following quarter; but the direction of flows is correlated to performance. Firms of all sizes with the highest brand awareness average flows more than 20 times larger than firms with the lowest.

RankFirm1-Year Delta
1Advisory Research, Inc.Increase
2Metis Global PartnersNo change
3Channing Global Advisors LLCIncrease
4Cadence Capital Management LLCIncrease
5Calvert Research and ManagementIncrease
6Granite Investment Partners, LLCIncrease
7SouthernSun Asset ManagementIncrease
8Huber Capital Management, LLCDecrease
9Moody Aldrich Partners, LLCDecrease
10Cove Street Capital, LLCIncrease
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