Top Performing Alternative & Hedge Fund Strategies: May 2022

22 June 2022
Managers aren't just competing against a benchmark. They're competing against an entire universe of other active managers. With eVestment data, manager performance is put in context with peer rankings, creating deeper insight for institutional allocators and better product positioning for managers. Request a tour of eVestment:
StrategyeVestment Primary UniverseFirm Location
XSTAR Fund Management LLC: XSTAR Value Fund LPFundamental - Long/Short EquityUnited States
Odey Asset Management LLP: Odey European Inc.Fundamental - Long/Short Multi-MarketsUnited Kingdom
H2O Asset Management: H2O VIVACE FCPMacro - Multi-StrategyUnited Kingdom
H2O Asset Management: H2O MULTISTRATEGIES FCPMacro - Multi-StrategyUnited Kingdom
Rosetta Analytics, Inc.: DL OneFundamental - Long/Short EquityUnited States
Odey Asset Management LLP: Odey Concentrated Natural Resources FundFundamental - Long/Short EquityUnited Kingdom
East Capital Asset Management AB: Adrigo Small & Midcap L/SFundamental - Long/Short EquitySweden
H2O Asset Management: H2O ALLEGRO FCPMacro - DiscretionaryUnited Kingdom
Equinox Partners: Equinox Partners, L.P.Fundamental - Long/Short EquityUnited States
Oxeye Capital Management Limited: FTSE Option Premium StrategyMacro - QuantitativeUnited Kingdom

Products must be classified in an eVestment roll-up, secondary, and/or primary universe for inclusion. Managers must have reported May 2022 performance by 20 June 2022 in gross-of-fees for inclusion. Comparisons based on May 2022 returns in USD. Products reporting in non-USD currencies were converted to USD using EOM spot rates. Top 10 international equity strategies list based on absolute performance

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