Top strategies searched by Japan investors & consultants in 2019
14 January 2020
Asset managers track institutional investor and consultant activity on the eVestment platform to uncover trends about their universes and strategies. This viewership activity can be used as a leading indicator of future flows (both inflows and outflows), helping you to understand regional preferences and any home country or regional biases by considering research activity by consultant and investor domicile. eVestment Advantage data is updated daily.

Top strategies searched by Japan investors & consultants in 2019

1Global Large Cap Core Equity
2Global All Cap Core Equity
3Global All Cap Growth Equity
4Japan All Cap Core Equity
5Japan All Cap Value Equity
6Global Large Cap Value Equity
7Global Large Cap Growth Equity
8US High Yield Fixed Income
9Global All Cap Value Equity
10Japan Small Cap Equity
11Global Emerging Mkts All Cap Core Equity
12Japan All Cap Growth Equity
13Global Emerging Mkts Fixed Income - Hard Currency
14Japan Large Cap Value Equity
15US Floating-Rate Bank Loan Fixed Income
16US Small Cap Growth Equity
17US Large Cap Core Equity
18US Large Cap Value Equity
19US Large Cap Growth Equity
20Global Emerging Mkts All Cap Growth Equity
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