Universes with the highest average views by investors & consultants globally: Q2
9 September 2020
Below is a list of universes with the highest average viewership by institutional investors and consultants, pulled using eVestment Advantage. Advantage provides transparency into how often managers are viewed, screened, charted and analyzed by consultants and institutional investors. This screening or viewership activity is an important early indicator of asset movement in the future. To request a tour of Advantage, email
1eVestment Global Emerging Mkts All Cap Value Equity
2eVestment ACWI ex-US Small Cap Growth Equity
3eVestment Global Large Cap Growth Equity
4eVestment Global Emerging Mkts All Cap Growth Equity
5eVestment Canadian All Cap Value Equity
6eVestment Canadian Large Cap Value Equity
7eVestment EAFE Small Cap Value Equity
8eVestment ACWI ex-US All Cap Growth Equity
9eVestment Global All Cap Growth Equity
10eVestment EAFE All Cap Value Equity
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