Universes with the largest positive shifts in institutional flows: Q2
9 September 2020
Below are the universes with the largest positive shifts in institutional flows for Q2 2020, pulled using eVestment Asset Flows. eVestment Asset Flows tracks the movement of institutional assets by geography, investor type, and asset class. This flows data is derived from manager reported assets each quarter and backs out performance. Asset Flows displays net inflows and net outflows, providing intelligence on the momentum of asset movements. To request a tour of Asset Flows, email
RankUniverseCurrent QuarterPrior 4 QuartersTotal AUM
1US High Yield Fixed Income$27,126-$14,421$543,367
2US Passive S&P 500 Equity$21,021-$12,428$2,026,758
3Global All Cap Core Equity$1,866-$29,314$450,460
4US Core Fixed Income$14,720-$16,036$1,210,154
5US Corporate Fixed Income$23,777-$6,478$735,472
6US Enhanced Cash Management$23,853-$2,121$348,607
7Global Multi-Sector Fixed Income$7,729-$17,483$238,957
8Global Credit Fixed Income$9,976-$3,898$179,597
9US All Cap Growth Equity$769-$13,006$57,136
10US Stable Value (Market Value) Fixed Income$7,355-$4,291$37,378
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