A Look at Investor Interest in, Concern About World Events

08 Jan

A Look at Investor Interest in, Concern About World Events

Investors and consultants using eVestment in December pushed global emerging market strategies onto the list of most-viewed strategies in a big way at the expense of EAFE focused strategies. In December, six products concentrating on global emerging markets made it to the top 20 list versus only two such products in November; for strategies targeting EAFE, only two made onto the most-searched list in December versus seven in November, according to the December 2017 eVestment Advantage Viewership Report.

Changes in viewership of asset management firms, their products and geographic focuses can be driven by changing investor demand; positive or negative company news; company marketing initiatives; global or local economic or political events; or other factors. Comparing this data to world and corporate events can offer a unique insight into institutional investors’ concern about these events.

Some other interesting points from the latest report include:

  • December saw significant shifts in the top 20 most viewed product list by institutional investors and consultants across the globe. Only seven products from November’s top 20 list made it to December’s top 20 list:
    • GQG Partners LLC: GQG Emerging Markets Equity
    • Aberdeen Asset Management (Aberdeen Standard Investments): Emerging Markets Equity
    • MFS Investment Management: MFS International Equity
    • Dodge & Cox: Dodge & Cox U.S. Equity
    • Dodge & Cox: Dodge & Cox International Equity
    • Capital Group: American Funds EuroPacific Growth Fund
    • WCM Investment Management: Focused Growth International
  • UK institutional investors and consultants reduced their interest in balanced/multi-asset products in December, as only two such products made it to the top most viewed list compared to eight in November. The two balanced/multi-asset strategies found in December’s list were also in November’s list: Newton Investment Management: Newton Real Return GBP and Fulcrum Asset Management: Fulcrum Diversified Absolute Return Strategy (DAR).
  • Asia-Pacific eVestment users had a strong global bent in their searches in December, with eight of the top strategies searched being Global Emerging Markets strategies and nine being a variety of other globally focused strategies.

The Advantage investment viewership data is generated through the eVestment Advantage solution and based on tracking daily eVestment user reviews of investment universes and products on eVestment. The report looks at Global, United States, United Kingdom, Europe ex-U.K., Asia-Pacific, Canada and Africa-Middle East profile viewership activity among the institutional investors and consultants who use eVestment. The report looks at the most viewed products and universes overall for the past month and the universes and products that saw the most month-over-month growth in views on the site.